January Restriction List !

10 décembre 2012 a 14 h 22 min

Etrangement, Bushiroad vient d’annoncer sa première liste de restrictions ! Celle-ci est à l’état embryonnaire et sujette à de multiples modifications mais sera effective à partir du 1er Janvier 2013 !

Strangely, Bushiroad has just announced its very first restriction list ! This list is new and will be modified in the future, but will be effective starting from January 1st, 2013 !

« Cardfight Vanguard!! a écrit:
On 10th December 2012, it was announced for the Japanese version of Cardfight!! Vanguard that the following restriction on cards will take place:

**As the situation is different for the Japanese and English versions, there are currently no plans to implement the following restriction for the English version of Cardfight!! Vanguard at all!**


With effect from the 1st of January 2013, for the Japanese version of Cardfight!! Vanguard, the cards highlighted in the following list will be restricted to up to a total of two cards in the deck (including the first vanguard).

King of Knights, Alfred
Majesty Lord Blaster
Wingal Brave

Lizard Soldier, Conroe
Dragonic Overlord the End

Silent Tom
Godhawk, Ichibyoshi
Goddess of the Full Moon, Tsukuyomi

*This includes all cards of the same name with different rarities.

OK: King of Knights, Alfred x 2
OK: Majesty Lord Blaster x 1, Wingal Brave x 1
– Total of 2 in a deck, so it’s fine.

Not OK: Majesty Lord Blaster x 2, Wingal Brave x 1
Not OK: Dragonic Overlord the End x 2, Lizard Soldier, Conroe x 1


Once again, we would like to state that there are currently no plans to implement the following restriction for the English version of Cardfight!! Vanguard. »

« Doctor O’s Tweeter a écrit:
« ヴァンガードのファイターズルール更新にモヤモヤしたら、遠慮なくドクターにメッセージを送ってください。 意見は私が受けとめて、全部読んで、次のファイターズルール更新の参考にします!どんとこい!〈コシ:3 »
1. The limitation list is officially announced. HOWEVER, comments, feedbacks and suggestions will be taken into consideration towards the Doctor. < In this case, the CFV Planning Department of Bushiroad.« ヴァンガード ファイターズルールは定期的に見直しされます。制限から戻るカードもあるでしょう〈コシ:3 »
2. As mentioned by a reply towards a player from Doctor O himself, Vanguard Rules are regularly reviewed and updated. Thus, it is still possible for the list to be reviewed, revised and updated.

3. The list with affect MOST of the game, majority will go to Standard Gameplay and Tournaments. If you are unhappy with the change still, just play it casually with your close friends, the list won’t affect the power of friendship. »

Card of the Day! 10/12/2012

10 décembre 2012 a 7 h 50 min

断罪竜 クロムジェイラー・ドラゴン Conviction Dragon, Chromejailer Dragon
Grade 3/Gold Paladin – Abyss Dragon/10000 Power/No Shield
Activate (V) Limit Break 4 (This ability is active if you have four or more damage): [Counter Blast 2, Select 2 of your « Gold Paladin » Rearguards, retire them] During this turn, this Unit gains 10000 Power and 1 Critical.
Activate (V): [Counter Blast 1 ; choose a「Convicting Dragon, Chrome Jailer Dragon」 in your hand, discard it] Look at up to the top 4 cards of your Deck, select up to 2 « Gold Paladins », call them to seperate Rearguard Circles, then place the remaining cards at the bottom of your Deck in any order.

RRR: « Listen here, criminals! Your struggling and suffering is penance for your crimes! »
SP: « Bind them, chains of conviction! Abyssal Chrome Jail! »

突発的な発足や戦士参入などの理由で、規律が乱れがちな“ゴールドパラディン”を取り仕切る黒馬団の戦士。 かつて“シャドウパラディン”でも同様の職に就いており、法を破った者は如何な理由があろうと弁解の余地すら与えず葬ってきた。 その所業から敵味方問わず恐れられ、いつしか「断罪竜」という通称で名を馳せるようになる。 凄絶なる断罪者には敵味方という概念が無い。 判断するのは対象が善であるか悪であるかのみ。 咎人は黒竜の裁きをその身に受け、速やかなる死を渇望する程の恐怖を味わうという。

For reasons including their sudden founding and the way their men joined, the men of the « Black Horse Corps » in the « Gold Paladin » army tend to bend and break the rules. Even those who used to be in the ranks of the Shadow Paladins were allowed to join, but anyone who breaks the law for any reason finds themselves buried and consigned to oblivion. Due to the one whose claim to fame is his nickname « The Conviction Dragon », whose behavior is feared by ally and enemy alike. Such a brutal convicter has no concept of « Friend » or « Foe ». He decides whether the targets of his judgments are good or evil. Offenders who receive the judgment of the black dragon are said to taste fear so intense that they’d rather die.


The Black Horse Corps is…
One of the 7 « Gold Paladin » corps who use the symbols of the 7 Sacred Beasts said to protect United Sanctuary. Many of those who join the Black Horse Corps are generally able to use Magical Artifacts and Precious Treasures, and the vast majority of their membership consists of those who used to belong to the Shadow Paladins. Though their motives generally are on the same axis as the rest of the « Gold Paladins », they generally don’t interact with the other Corps too much, and as a result, the state of affairs inside their corps is pretty much an unknown.

Card of the Day! 07/12/2012

7 décembre 2012 a 12 h 22 min

光輝の獅子 プラチナエイセル Radiant Lion, Platinum Ezel
Grade 3/Gold Paladin – Human/11000 Power/No Shield
[ACT](VC): Limit Break 5 (This ability is active if you have five or more damage): [Counter Blast (3)] Choose up to five of your «Gold Paladin» rear-guards, and those units get [Power]+5000 until end of turn.
[CONT](VC): If you have a card named « Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel » in your soul, this unit gets [Power]+2000.
[CONT](VC/RC): Leader (If you have a unit with a different clan from this unit, this unit cannot attack)

RRR: « Now, let’s break the chains of destiny! Reawaken, sealed warriors! »
SP: « The endless days of suffering are at an end. I am the Radiant Lion. »

限 界を超えた高みまで己の魂を昇華させた「エイゼル」の新たなる姿。 今まではそれが義務であるかのように周囲を救ってきた彼だが、旅路の中で様々な人々に出会い、皆の笑顔を見る度に、その平坦な義務感は別の感情へと変わっ ていった。 彼は人々を守る事、仲間を救う事に自分なりの意義を見つけたのである。 魂は燃え盛る炎から更なる輝きと熱を放つ灼光へと昇華した。 今ここに誕生するは「光輝の獅子」。 その牙と爪は、同胞に害為す者を薙ぎ払い、絶望という名の鎖を断ち切る。
「ここが旅路の終着点……。 彼らの復活を以て戦に終焉をもたらす! 行くぞ、戦士達! 我に続け!」

A new form of « Ezel » after refining his soul and spirit to greater heights, allowing to break past his own limits. Until now, he treated saving those around him as his duty, but as he met people during his journey, whenever he saw smiles on people’s faces, that flat sense of duty turned into a different feeling. In protecting people and saving people, he found a purpose for himself. The fire of his burning soul became even hotter and brighter, until it turned into a miraculous light. There and then, he was reborn as the « Radiant Lion ». With those claws and fangs, he’ll cut down anyone who dares harm his comrades, and he’ll use them to break the chains called « despair ».
« This will be the end of our journey… … … I will bring an end to this war by reviving them! Let’s go, men! Follow me! »

Card of the Day! 06/12/2012

6 décembre 2012 a 8 h 25 min

蒼嵐覇竜 グローリー・メイルストローム Blue Storm Conquering Dragon, Glory Maelstrom
Grade 3/Aqua Force – Tear Dragon/11000 Power/No Shield
AUTO (VC) Limit Break 5 (This ability is active if you have five damage or more): (Counterblast (1) : When this unit attacks, you may pay the cost. If you do, during that battle, this unit gains +5000 Power, and your opponent cannot normal call Grade 1 and above unit from hand onto the Guardian Circle.
Continuous (VC): If your Soul has « Blue Storm Dragon, Maelstrom », this unit gains +2000.
Continuous (VC/RC) Leader (This unit cannot attack if there’s a unit that does not share the same clan as this unit.)

« This is your final judgment! Terminal Maelstrom! »
« The blue storm that once ruled the entire world, now, will reign supreme once more! »

封印されている海軍元帥の意志より力の一端を授かった事で、驚異的な力を得たメイルストロームの姿。 その超大な力故に古より強力な封印を施されている元帥。 その異常なまでの正義への執着は「力」いう形を取り、現海軍最強と謳われる蒼嵐竜に更なる力を与えた。 だが、与えられたのは力のみでは無かった。 古の覇王の力を得ると同時に、かつて元帥が抱いていた「惑星全土の統一」という野望に心を支配されてしまったのである。 統一の妨げとなるであろう英雄の復活を阻止する為、覇竜は獅子の前に立ちはだかる。
「我こそは正義! 秩序の創造主! 愚者を裁く全知の守護者也!」

This is the form of Maelstrom after gaining incredible power, but the power given to him was merely a fraction of the power and will of Aqua Force’s sealed Fleet Admiral. The Admiral had his powers locked away under a great seal since ancient times, due to how incredibly powerful it was. The reason why was that their fanatical and absolute denotation to justice manifested itself as « Power », and he in turn gave that « Power » to the Blue Storm Dragon, who became even stronger, leading what is now touted as the most powerful navy on the entire planet. However, power wasn’t the only thing the Admiral gave. At the same time Maelstrom obtained the power of the ancient tyrant and conqueror, his heart and soul were dominated by the ambition the Admiral once embraced: « Unifying All of Cray under one banner ». In order to stop the revival of the heroes who would hinder that unity, this conquering dragon decided to stand in the way of the « Lion ».
« I am Justice itself! The Creator of Order! I will be the Omniscient Guardian of this world who judges you naive fools! »

Other pictures for the Season 3 !

5 décembre 2012 a 21 h 53 min

Thanks to Touya-san for letting me use his pictures from his website Vanguard US Blog :

Voir la suite de Other pictures for the Season 3 !

[Recap] December 5th, 2012

5 décembre 2012 a 20 h 36 min

Today, we’ve learn a lot of the things about the future of Vanguard in 2013, and that may be pretty difficult to remember and find all, so, here is a small recap !

Aujourd’hui, nous avons appris beaucoup de choses sur le futur de Vanguard en 2013, et il peut être plutôt dur de se souvenir de tout et de tout trouver, alors, voici un petit récapitulatif !

Some TD09 news

Annoucement of TD10, that will feature Shadow Paladins


Little news for BT10

Announcement of BT11, which will feature Kagerô

Announcement of EB06 : Glittering Divas


Lot of News for the Season 3 of Anime : Link Joker Arc [Link Joker Hen]

New Anime : Mini-Vanguard ! 

Thanks for following us, and see you soon for new news !
Merci de nous suivre, et à bientôt pour de nouvelles infos !

[Anime] Mini-Vanguard adapted in Anime !

5 décembre 2012 a 19 h 41 min

Hello everyone ! This time, Kyô’s not posting, but Deformer-Lua, for a secondary information that relatively interest/intrigue me.

As you should know, we have learn a lot of things today, due to a Live on the Japanese website NicoNico Douga at a very late hour yesterday (so late that we could say that it was very early today).

In the lots of informations, that « small » one that everyone seems to don’t care but that interest me is a brand new Anime series that should appear soon, named « Mini Vanguard », adapted from an eponymous Manga from a certain Quily. We don’t have lots of informations on this subject again, but we know that the paper Manga have a volume already available in Japan, that it’s a humoristic spin-off, and that we’ll follow the usual protagonists in their everyday life.

Of course, as soon as new informations will be available, you’ll know too !
(Personally I think that it’ll start in the same time as the Season 3 of the « normal » Anime, but that’s only my personal mind !)


Salut à tous ! Cette fois ce n’est pas Kyô qui poste, mais Deformer-Lua, pour une information relativement secondaire mais qui m’intéresse/intrigue assez.

Comme vous devez le savoir, nous avons appris beaucoup d’informations aujourd’hui, grâce à un Live ayant eu lieu sur le site Japonais NicoNico Douga à une heure très tardive hier (voir même très tôt aujourd’hui).

Parmi les masses d’informations, cette « petite » à laquelle personne ne semble faire attention mais qui m’intéresse pas mal, est une nouvelle série Animée qui devrait faire son apparition prochainement, intitulée « Mini Vanguard », adaptée d’un Manga éponyme d’un certain Quily. On a très peu d’informations sur le sujet une fois encore, sinon que le Manga papier a un tome relié déjà disponible au Japon, qu’il s’agit d’un spin-off humoristique, et que nous suivons les protagonistes habituels dans leur vie quotidienne.

Bien évidemment, dès que plus d’informations seront disponibles, nous vous en ferons part ! (Personnellement je mise sur un démarrage en même temps que la Saison 3 de l’Animé « normal », en janvier, mais ça n’engage que moi !)

Card of the Day! 05/12/2012

5 décembre 2012 a 18 h 12 min

夢見る賢者 コロン Dreaming Sage, Koron
Grade 0/Gold Paladin – Human/5000 Power/10000 Shield
AUTO: Pioneer (When another unit from the same clan rides this unit, you may call it to (RC))
Activate [R]: [Counterblast (1), move this unit to Soul] Look at the top 5 cards of your deck and add up to 1 « Ezel » unit to your hand, then, shuffle the deck.

« A young boy dreams. Of a world where there is no conflict, and everyone can learn without fear. »

一人前の賢者を目指して勉学に励んでいた少年。 歴史上の時の賢者「ゼノン」や、英雄の側近である賢者の少年に強い憧れを抱いている。 また、人一倍正義感が強く、街が謎の敵に襲撃された時、自ら囮となって住人達を避難させている。 その逃走の果てに敵に追いつめられ、絶体絶命の危機に陥ったが、間一髪のところで赤獅子団の手により救出された。 少年は若き獅子の背に、かつて国を救った英雄の姿と眩い光を見た。 そして、未来の賢者は立ち上がる。 争いの無い平和な世界を夢見て、今はただ眼前の光を追い続ける。

A young boy who studies hard to become a full-fledged sage. He holds a strong admiration for the boy-ish but legendary sage « Zenon », who has been the right hand of countless heroes. Also, he possesses an abnormally strong sense of justice, which was shown when he acted as a decoy for evacuating inhabitants of a city when it was attacked by the mysterious enemy. At the end of his escape, he was cornered by the enemy, and in that desperate situation, he was rescued at the hands of the Red Lion Corps. From behind the young lion, the young boy saw a dazzling light appear, and from it, the form of the hero who one saved United Sanctuary. And in response, the future sage stood up. Dreaming of a peaceful world without war or conflict, he now walks forward, chasing the light of that future in front of his eyes.

[Trial Deck] TD09 • Eradicator of the Empire

5 décembre 2012 a 14 h 29 min
Release Date:
26th January 2013
Japanese Name:
Teikoku no Ireizaa
Eradicator of the Empire

Contenu :

• Deck construit de 50 cartes.
• 17 cartes différentes
• Ce Deck comprend des Units Narukami.
• Le Deck inclut 1 carte en brillance RRR et 2 autres cartes brillantes
• Inclut des cartes utilisées dans la Saison 3 de l’animé Cardfight!! Vanguard
• Prix officiel : 1,050 Yen. (soit le prix habituel d’un Trial Deck Cardfight!! Vanguard)

Card List :

TD09/001 [1] イレイザー ボーイングソード・ドラゴン  Eradicator, Vowing Sword Dragon
TD09/002 [4]  だんまくのイレイザー シオン  Barrage Eradicator, Zion
TD09/003 [2]  ディスチャージング・ドラゴン  Discharging Dragon
TD09/004 [4]  イレイザー サンダーブーム・ドラゴン  Eradicator, Thunderboom Dragon
TD09/005 [1]  イレイザー スパークレイン・ドラゴン   Eradicator, Spark Rain Dragon
TD09/006 [1]  あんさつけんのイレイザー スウセイ   Assassin Sword Eradicator, Susei
TD09/007 [2]  ドラゴンダンサー・ヴェロニカ   Dragon Dancer, Veronica
TD09/008 [4]  雷刃の抹消者 ジーム  Lightning Blade Eradicator, Zeem
TD09/009 [4]  レッドリバー・ドラグーン  Red River Dragoon
TD09/010 [4]  イレイザー デモリッション・ドラゴン   Eradicator, Demolition Dragon
TD09/011 [4]  砂塵の抹消者 トコウ   Dust Storm Eradicator, Tokou
TD09/012 [2]  真火の抹消者 コウガイジ  Eradicator of Fire, Kohkaiji
TD09/013 [1]  石弾の抹消者 ホウキ  Slingshot Eradicator, Houki
TD09/014 [4]  イレイザー イエロージェム・カーバンクル  Eradicator, Yellow Gem Carbuncle (Critical)
TD09/015 [4]  イレイザー ドラゴンメイジ   Eradicator, Dragon Mage (Draw)
TD09/016 [4]  風伯の抹消者 ハヤテ   Zephyr Eradicator, Hayate (Stand)
TD09/017 [4]  蟲毒の抹消者 セイオウボ  Demonic Dragon Eradicator, Seiobo (Heal) Voir la suite de [Trial Deck] TD09 • Eradicator of the Empire

[Anime] Season 3 !

5 décembre 2012 a 8 h 36 min

Starting from now this blog will also feature an Anime section, so we are starting with the brand-new Season 3, which will take place after the Asia Circuit Hen !

So, after all of these pictures, what do we learn ?
« Official Title is Cardfight!! Vanguard Link Joker Arc/Chapter
Ren, Leon, Chris and others return.
New Characters include 石田ナオキ (Ishida? Naoki) and 小茂井シンゴ (Komoi Shingo).
Blaster Blade appears in updated White-Gold Armor.
Ending Song is by Ultra Rare »

It will also be aired at the same time that Asia Circuit Hen Arc was.


Edit by Deformer-Lua : The PV that features all the pictures you’ve seen here have leaked and is available on YouTube, it seems. We’re also able to hear the brand new Opening, by the band Psychic Lover, who have also performed the 4th Opening of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX.