Card of the Day! 17/04/2013

17 avril 2013 a 8 h 09 min

Last Card, Revonn

終末の切り札[ラストカード] レヴォン Last Card, Revonn
Grade 3/Aqua Force – Tear Dragon/11000 Power/No Shield
[AUTO](VC) Limit Break 4 (This ability is active if you have four or more damage):[Counter Blast (1)] When this unit attacks a vanguard, if the number of «Aqua Force» you have as [Rest] in your front row is three, you may pay the cost. If you do, this unit gets [Power]+3000/[Critical]+1 until end of that battle.
[ACT](VC):[Counter Blast (1)] This unit gets [Power]+2000 until end of turn.
[CONT](VC/RC): Lord (If you have a unit that doesn’t belong to the same clan as this unit, this unit cannot attack)

« The Trump Card is the very last of the last… … You use it for your moment of triumph! »

少将「トランスコア・ドラゴン」が率いる部隊最強の戦士であり“アクアフォース”の大佐。 “アクアフォース”が封印される直前に改造を受けたハイブリッド・ティアードラゴンであり、アクアロイドの精製に使われる特殊な魔力を体に打ち込んだ影響で、骨格や筋組織などがより人型に近くなっている。 また、量産型ハイドロエンジン搭載兵器のオリジナル、残存数の少ないHE(ハイドロエナジー)ウェポンの一つ、「ゼド・ペイン」の所有者としても名が知れている。 戦士達が復活を遂げる度、“アクアフォース”は強大な支配者としての姿を取り戻していく。 そして今、最強と謳われし切り札が切られた。 絶対正義の執行者は、母なる海を蹂躙する無秩序な侵略者を決して許さない。

A colonel of « Aqua Force », he is the strongest soldier in the forces lead by the Rear Admiral « Transcore Dragon ». It’s a Hybrid Tear Dragon that was heavily modified before « Aqua Force » sealed it. Said modifications infused it with special magics that are almost always used for the refinement of Aquaroids, resulting in its Skeletal and Muscular tissue being closer to that of a humanoid’s. It possesses the « Zed Pain », one of the very few remaining original Hydro Energy Weapons, equipped with one of the first of the mass-produced Hydro Engines. Whenever their warriors revive, « Aqua Force » regains the air of a mighty ruler and leader. Until now, they lacked an ace trump card. An enforcer of absolute justice, he never forgives any chaotic invader who would dare violate the mother sea.

Cards of the Day! 16/04/2013

16 avril 2013 a 6 h 44 min

Prophecy Celestial, Ramiel

神託の守護天使[プロフェシー・セレスティアル] レミエル Prophecy Celestial, Ramiel
Grade 3/Angel Feather – Angel/11000 Power/No Shield
[AUTO] Limit Break 4 (This ability is active if you have four or more damage): When a «Angel Feather» rides this unit, choose up to one card from your damage zone, put it into your hand, put the top card of your deck into your damage zone, choose one of your vanguards, and that unit gets [Power]+10000 until end of turn.
[AUTO](VC): When this unit attacks a vanguard, this unit gets [Power]+2000 until end of that battle.
[CONT](VC/RC): Lord (If you have a unit that does not belong to the same clan as this unit, this unit cannot attack)

« You will love everything that exists! Believe, for this is the words of the oracle! »

蒼き翼を持つ特殊医療部隊「瑠璃色の守護天使(ラピスラズリ・セレスティアル)」の現副隊長。 広げると身長の4倍にもなる巨大な翼を持つ上位天使。 秩序を重んじる厳格で聡明な女性だが、それ故に戦に巻き込まれ傷つけられた人々を救いたいという想い、そして無慈悲な破壊を行った敵に対する義憤が、強い献身の志を持つ守護天使達の中でも並外れて強い。 些か考え無しだが不思議なカリスマを持つ部隊長に敬服しており、つい緩まってしまう部隊の空気を引き締める役を率先して担う。 宝具「双聖鋏(ディヴァイン・シザース)」は罪深き邪悪の使者をことごとく切り裂く。 狡猾なる悪鬼羅刹に与えられるのは、「愛」という名のひどく痛烈な衝撃である。

The current sub-commander/vice-captain of the Special Medical Team « Lapis Lazuli Celestial » whose members are marked by their blue wings. She’s a high-ranking angel with humongous wings that are 4 times the size of the rest of her body when they’re fully unfurled. She’s also a strict and intelligent woman with a respect for law and order, which is why she constantly thinks about helping those caught up and injured by wars, and has righteous indignation against enemies who destroy things ruthlessly, resulting in her being exceptionally strong among the Celestials due to her strong will and devotion. She tends to admire her commanding officer/captain, who possesses incredible charisma, without thinking too much, and as a result, feels compelled to make sure the unit feels more tight-knit. The Relic « Divine Scissors » is capable of dissecting any herald of sin and evil. It’s a scathing shock called « Love » that hits even the most cunning diabolic fiend.

強い献身の志と、それを全うできるだけの能力を持つ者だけが所属を許される“エンジェルフェザー”の特殊医療部隊。 適性審査を通過し、且つ配属を希望する者は、天使長の洗礼を受けることで古き翼を捨て、新たなる翼「瑠璃の翼(ラピスラズリ・ウィング)」を賜る事になる。 その異常なまでの使命感に畏怖と敬意を込めて、「命を救う命知らず達(レックレス・セイバーズ)」と呼ばれる事もある。

The Lapis Lazuli Celestials are…
A Special Medical Team in « Angel Feather » whose members are deeply committed to their work and must have the skills to match that commitment. Those that pass the aptitude test and want to be assigned must discard their old wings during their baptism by the Archangels, gaining new « Lapis Lazuli Wings ». They are sometimes known as the « Reckless Saviors » due to their intense sense of duty that is both inspiring and terrifying.


Adamantine Celestial, Aniel

盤石の守護天使[アダマンタイン・セレスティアル] アニエル Admantine Celestial, Aniel
Grade 1/Angel Feather – Angel/6000 Power/0 Shield
[CONT]:Sentinel (You may only have up to four cards with « [CONT]:Sentinel » in a deck)
[AUTO]:[Choose one «Angel Feather» from your hand, and discard it] When this unit is placed on (GC), you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your «Angel Feather» that is being attacked, and that unit cannot be hit until end of that battle.

« The Admantine Celestial is as firm as a rocky mountain. »

蒼き翼を持つ特殊医療部隊「瑠璃色の守護天使(ラピスラズリ・セレスティアル)」の一員。 永久不変鉱石の名を称号に戴く中位天使で、今でこそ名の知れた守護天使だが、以前は平凡な看護師だった。 「瑠璃色の守護天使」の発足を聞き志願したが、防御魔法以外の技能が基準値を下回っていた為、審査に落ちてしまう。 己の力不足を嘆き消沈していた彼女だが、審査結果を確認した部隊長直々の推薦という思わぬ形で、部隊への配属が決定した。 その後の彼女の成長ぶりは目覚ましく、全技能が基準値を超えるのにそう時間は掛からなかったという。 差し伸べられた手の尊さ、その事をよく知る彼女こそ、誰よりも守護天使と呼ばれるに相応しいのかもしれない。

A member of the Special Medical Team « Lapis Lazuli Celestial » whose members are marked by their blue wings. She is a mid-ranking angel who has been bestowed with a title related to unchangeable ores, but while she’s a renowned Celestial now, she used to be nothing more than a run-of-the-mill nurse. Upon hearing about the formation of the Lapis Lazuli Celestials, she applied, but because her skills outside of defensive magic were sub-par, she failed the exam. Although she was depressed over her own inadequacy, she received a direct recommendation from the commanding officer who saw her exam results, resulting in her being assigned to the team. Her growth since then has been incredible, even though it appears she didn’t take any time to make sure her skills surpassed the standards expected. The preciousness of her hand outstretched, for those who know her, shows that she might be more worthy than anyone else to have the title of « Celestial ».

[Sneak Preview] BT09EN « Clash of the Knights & Dragons »

15 avril 2013 a 17 h 43 min

Comme nous vous l’annoncions il y a quelques jours, Bushiroad lance sa campagne pour la Sneak Preview du Booster 09 : Clash of the Knights & Dragons. Aujourd’hui, nous découvrons ce qui nous sera possible de récupérer à l’issue de cet évènement !

As we said some days earlier, Bushiroad is currently taking care about its Clash of the Knights & Dragons’ Sneak Preview campaign. Today we are discovering what we will be able to get through this event !

Premièrement, une carte promotionnelle ! / First, a promo card :

Crimson Lightning Dragon

Crimson Lightning Dragon
Grade 3/Narukami – Thunder Dragon/10000 Power/No Shield
[AUTO](VC):[Choose a «Narukami» from your hand, and discard it] When this unit attacks, you may pay the cost. If you do, this unit gets [Power]+6000 until end of that battle.
[AUTO](RC):[Choose a «Narukami» from your hand, and discard it] When this unit attacks, you may pay the cost. If you do, this unit gets [Power]+3000 until end of that battle.

« That battle style leaves an afterimage that resembles lightning. »








Et un tapis de jeu, mettant en scène « Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion – THE BLOOD » ! / And a playmat, featuring « Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion – THE BLOOD » !

The BT09’s Sneak Preview playmat features the Crossride of Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion : « THE BLOOD »

Card of the Day! 15/04/2013

15 avril 2013 a 9 h 29 min

Pathetique Jewel Knight, Owain

悲愴の宝石騎士[パセティック・ジュエルナイト] オウェイン Pathetique Jewel Knight, Owain
Grade 2/Royal Paladin – Human/8000 Power/5000 Shield
[AUTO](VC/RC):When this unit attacks, if the number of rear-guards you have is more than your opponent’s, this unit gets [Power]+3000 until end of that battle.

« A knight must smile. In order to defeat an enemy by preventing tragedy. »

旧 き時代、「白竜王」と共に聖域を守るため戦った聖槍の騎士。 「宝石騎士」という称号を賜った最初の騎士の一人であり、露草色の「魔宝石」を持つ。 身の丈5倍以上の巨人族すらも一人で打ち負かす槍の名手で、当時の“ロイヤルパラディン”の中でも指折りの実力者だった。 反乱が勃発し、西方に撤退した後も民と国を守るべく賢明に戦ったが、第59次防衛戦の際に敵陣に深入りし、消息不明となる。 最後に彼を見た兵士は言った。 「戦の前、彼はいつも悲しそうに笑っていた」と。 幾多の同胞を失い、それでもなお敵を討ち国を守る為に戦い果てた悲しみの戦士。 人々はその生涯を称えると共に、その悲しくも誇り高き生き様を忘れぬ為、「悲愴の騎士」と呼び伝えたという。

A knight of the holy lance who fought to protect the Sanctuary during ages long ago, side by side with the White Dragon King. He was one of the first knights to be granted the title of « Jewel Knight », as he carried a dew-green Magical Jewel. As a master of spears and lances, he was able to defeat giants that were more than five times his size, and was one of the most influential of the Royal Paladins of that era. When the rebellion broke out, even as the people withdrew to the west, he wisely fought to protect them, but during the 59th defense retreat, he dove deep into the enemy’s side, and he’s been missing ever since. According to what the last soldier that saw him… « Before the battle, he was laughing sadly ». Having lost so many friends and comrades, the sorrowful soldier probably died in the name of vengeance, fighting to protect his country. It’s said that he was called the « Pathetique Knight », so that people would honor his life and never forget his proud, yet sad, way of living.

神 聖国家第一正規軍“ロイヤルパラディン”の精鋭騎士に与えられる称号の一つ。 選ばれた者は魔力を込めた煌びやかな宝玉、「魔宝石」が埋め込まれた装具を身に着ける為、騎士団一華やかな部隊としても有名。 所属するのは、伝統ある騎士の御業に魔法という超常の力を足した戦いを主流とする者達であり、その装具と戦法から「魔宝騎士」と呼ばれる事もある。

The Jewel Knights
One of the titles handed out to elite knights in the first army of United Sanctuary, « Royal Paladin ». Those chosen wear and use armor and equip that are covered in gorgeous gemstones and jewels containing with magical power known as Magical Jewels, causing them to also be known as the most fabulous and glamorous knights in the army. Those who belong to their numbers combine the traditional style of a knight along with the additional supernatural power of magic, and are nicknamed the « Knights of the Magical Treasures » due to their equipment and the tactics they employ using them.

Card of the Day! 12/04/2013

12 avril 2013 a 12 h 16 min

Sanctuary Guard Dragon

サンクチュアリガード・ドラゴン Sanctuary Guard Dragon
Grade 3/Royal Paladin – Cosmo Dragon/11000 Power/No Shield
[AUTO](VC) Limit Break 4 (This ability is active if you have four or more damage):During your turn, this unit gets [Power]+3000 for each of your grade 1 or less «Royal Paladin» rear-guards.
[AUTO]:[Choose a «Royal Paladin» from your hand, and discard it] When this unit placed on (VC), you may the cost. If you do, search your deck for up to one grade 1 or less «Royal Paladin», call it to (RC), and shuffle your deck.
[CONT](VC/RC): Lord (If you have a unit that doesn’t belong to the same clan as this unit, this unit cannot attack)

« Leave. evildoer! I am the sword, the Dragon who protects the Sanctuary! »

かつて人と竜の双方が争う事無く暮らす国を作り上げた、偉大なる聖域の守護竜。 「白竜王」と呼ばれていた事が古書に記されている。 数多の国民から絶大な支持を受けており、史上類を見ない程に長く治世を行った稀代の名君。 しかし、彼が王座に就いてから千余年、竜族の中に生まれた一人の野心家によって、王国は崩壊を迎える。 内乱によって人と竜の関係は急激に悪化し、国は二分化。 戦いに長ける竜族とそれに加担した一部の人間が領土の大半を獲得し、戦いを望まぬ聖域の民は西方への撤退を余儀なくされた。 彼は幾度も命を賭して戦い、聖域と多くの人々を救ったが、代償に肉体を失い、その知識を次代の守護竜へ、力と剣を自らの子孫達へ託したという。 名君「白竜王」の魂が滅びる事は無い。 その血と志が受け継がれる限り、決して――。

The guardian Dragon who helped to build the Grand Sanctuary, a land where human and dragons used to live together, side by side. He was the « White Dragon King » written of in legend. He was a rare enlightened monarch supported by many people, having reigned so long that almost no one can compare in the annals of history. However, after a thousand years since he ascended to the throne, there was an ambitious child born from the Dragon Tribe who pushed his kingdom towards collapse. The relationship between the humans and dragons quickly disintegrated, leading to a civil war, splitting the country in two. The dragon tribes and a sparing group of humans that were good at fighting took most of the land, but the remaining people of the Sanctuary, disinterested in fighting, retreated to the West. He risked his life over and over to save the Sanctuary and its people, but in the end it cost him his body, knowing this, the next generation of Guardian Dragons, his descendants, were entrusted with his power and his blade. The soul of the virtuous ruler, The White Dragon King, will never be destroyed. As long as his blood and his will are carried down, he will… …

Card of the Day! 11/04/2013

11 avril 2013 a 8 h 58 min

Armor Break Dragon

アーマーブレイク・ドラゴン Armor Break Dragon
Grade 3/Narukami – Thunder Dragon/11000 Power/No Shield
[ACT](VC) Limit Break 4 (This ability is active if you have four or more damage):[Counter Blast (3) & Choose three cards from your hand, and discard them] Retire all fighter’s rear-guards in the front row, and this unit gets [Power]+10000/[Critical]+2 until end of turn.
[CONT](VC/RC): Lord (If you have a unit that doesn’t belong to the same clan as this unit, this unit cannot attack)

« I seek only victory! I’ll throw everything away to defeat you! »

凄まじい腕力を誇る“なるかみ”の戦士。 壊す事だけに命を賭ける危険な「壊し屋」。 「ガントレッドバスター・ドラゴン」が自分と同じように「壊し屋」と呼ばれている事が気に食わず、幾度か矛を交えた事もあるという。 実力だけ見れば間違いなく「将」と呼べる戦士だが、強すぎる破壊衝動を危惧した上層部から危険生物に指定される可能性があると噂されている。 彼の中に「防御」という言葉は存在せず、鎧は煩わしい拘束具でしかない。 ただ破壊を繰り返し、壊す物が尽きた時を勝利と呼ぶ。 その無差別な暴力を止めるのは強き外界の戦士か、それとも「上層部の決定」という同胞からの洗礼か。 いずれにしろ、破壊の化身が自らその衝動を抑える事は永久に無いだろう。

A warrior of Narukami who possesses incredible physical strength. He is a dangerous « wrecker » who risks his life on breaking things. Like « Gauntlet Buster Dragon », who is also known as a wreckler, as evidenced by the mixture of lance-like blades covering him. Based on his strength alone, many soldiers mistakenly call him « commander » or « boss », but there’s rumors that he’s considered a dangerous creature by the upper echelons of the military due to his destructive impulses. The word « defend » does not exist to him, and armor is just a troublesome restraint. He considers something won when he repeatedly breaks and smashes the target he wishes to destroy into the ground. Will this reckless mayhem be stopped by a mighty warrior from outside the empire or is it merely a baptism for his fellow soldiers approved by the upper echelons? In any case, he is unable to permanently suppress his urges as he is the incarnation of destruction.

[Booster Pack] BT12 • Binding Force of the Black Rings

10 avril 2013 a 7 h 36 min

Japanese Name:黒輪縛鎖
Phonetic:Kokurin Bakusa
Translation:Binding Force of the Black Rings
Release Date:July 6th, 2013
  • Inclut 102 cartes (101 nouvelles cartes et 1 carte réimprimée)
  • Inclut du support pour les clans Shadow Palain, Link Joker, Pale Moon, Dark Irregulars, Narukami et Gold Paladin.
  • Inclut davantage d’Units Crossride et Break Ride.
  • Nouveau type de skill « Lock » introduit.

Contenu :

Voir la suite de [Booster Pack] BT12 • Binding Force of the Black Rings

Cards of the Day! 10/04/2013

10 avril 2013 a 7 h 26 min

Dandelion Muskeeter, Mirkka

タンポポの銃士 ミルッカ Dandylion Musketeer, Mirkka
Grade 1/Neo Nectar – Bioroid/6000 Power/5000 Shield
[AUTO](RC):When this unit boosts an «Neo Nectar», if you have a «Neo Nectar» vanguard, and your deck is shuffled by any of your card’s effects during this turn, the boosted unit gets [Power]+3000 until end of that battle.

« The fluff of life! Dancing in the wind, they are my power. »

様々な花言葉を持つタンポポから生まれた花の銃士。 いつ訓練を行っているのかはわからないが、剣と銃はそこそこ、強化魔法の腕前に関しては並の実力者を凌ぐという天才肌の少女で、毎日色々な場所を飛び回っている為、銃士が一同に会する時などで無い限りはあまり姿を見かけない。 基本的にやりたい事をやりたい時にやるという一歩間違えれば傍迷惑な性格をしているが、根が悪い訳では無い為、周囲も強くは指摘していないらしい。 気まぐれ少女は忙しなく、今日もあちこちを飛び回る。 彼女が辿った道に咲くタンポポもいずれは綿毛となり、主と同じようにこの広い空と大地を旅するのだろう。

A flower musketeer made from Dandylions, which has a variety of meanings in flower language. Although there’s no telling when she was trained, she’s quite adept with both guns and swords, but the real thing to note is she’s a girl genius in terms of using magical buffs, but because she’s flying around places every day, except for the Musketeers, she’s almost never appears. Though she has a personality that is prone to doing things even though they tend to be a pain in the ass for others, since her core isn’t entirely bad, people tend to avoid pointing it out. She’s a whimsical girl who flies around restlessly all the time. The Dandylions that bloom in her wake will eventually become fluff, floating across the vast earth and sky just like their mistress.

緑の国“ネオネクタール”の主と守護竜にのみ仕える練達のバイオロイド。 他のバイオロイド以上に体組織が植物に近く、体から自在に蔓や蔦などを出して戦う事もできる。 忠義の証として、バイオロイドの核、「心華」を主に預け、身命を賭し、生涯を賭けて主の下で戦い抜くことを誓うという。

The Flower Musketeers are…
Skilled Bioroids that serve the guardian dragon that rules the green nation of « Neo Nectar ». Their body tissues are closer to that of a plant than any other Bioroid, allowing them fight by creating vines and ivy straight from their body. As proof of their loyalty, their Core Flower, the nucleus of a Bioroid, is left in the possession of their master. As a result, they’re left risking life and limb on their honor to follow their oaths to their master for the rest of their days.


Peerless Scribe, Ponga

無双祐筆 ポンガ Peerless Scribe, Ponga
Grade 3/Great Nature – Hi-Beast/10000 Power/No Shield
[AUTO](VC):When this unit attacks a vanguard, if your opponent’s [Power] is 12000 or greater, this unit gets [Power]+10000 until end of that battle.
[AUTO](RC):When this unit attacks a vanguard, if you have a «Great Nature» vanguard, this unit gets [Power]+2000 until end of that battle.

« A pen… … no, a writing brush… … is stronger than any superweapon. »

在学中の身でありながらも、名だたる書道家として有名な“グレートネイチャー”の学生。 長さ10尺にもなる巨大な筆から生み出される文字は、今にも飛び出してきそうな程に力強く雄々しい。 また、各地で留学を繰り返していた頃、護身の為に「闘筆法」という戦闘技法を編み出したが、こちらは教えを請おうとする者が少ないらしく、本人も密かに落ち込んでいる。 「筆は剣よりも兵器よりも強し!」 愛用の筆を振り回しながら今日も豪語する彼だが、そもそも筆が強いという訳では無く彼自身が強いだけなのではという事を、未だに誰も突っ込めないでいる。

Even though they’re still in school, this student of « Great Nature » is already famous as a renowned calligrapher. The letters written from their gigantic 10 shaku long Writing brush are so intense that they seem like they’ll jump off the paper at any moment. Also, when they studied abroad in other places, they came up with a form of self defense known as « Fightning Penmanship », but they’re fairly depressed as almost no one seems to be interested in learning it. « The pen is mightier than the sword! » is something they shout brandishing their favorite brush, but the brush is only so strong because they are that strong themselves, which is something no one can question.

Cards of the Day! 09/04/2013

9 avril 2013 a 12 h 06 min

Pretty Celebrity, Charlotte

プリティセレブ シャルロット Pretty Celebrity, Charlotte
Grade 2/Bermuda Triangle – Mermaid/9000 Power/5000 Shield
[AUTO](RC):[Counter Blast (1)] When this unit’s attack hits a vanguard, if you have a «Bermuda Triangle» vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, return this unit to your hand, choose up to one «Bermuda Triangle» from your hand other than a card named « Pretty Celebrity, Charlotte », and call it to an open (RC).

« She is a beautiful gem tha shines brighter than anything. »

“バミューダ△”初のセレブアイドルとしてデビューした少女。 マーメイドの母と人間の父を持つハーフマーメイドで、数日程度であれば体を人間と同じ作りに変化させる事ができる。 母は女優、父はとある大企業の役員であり、容姿端麗、頭脳明晰な彼女がどちらの道を選ぶのかと誰もが期待していたが、そんな周囲の期待など何処吹く風とでも言うように、彼女は幼少の頃より密かに憧れていたアイドルの道を選んだ。 その昔、スクリーンで見たアイドルの事を、彼女は「キラキラの宝石」と例えたという。 彼女は舞台で輝く宝石たちに憧れ、自分も同じように輝きたいと思った。 輝いて、煌めいて、そして世界中の少女達に夢を届けたいと、今もなお、そう思っている。

A little girl who just debuted as a new celebrity idol of Bermuda△. She’s a half mermaid with a mermaid mother and human father, allowing her to change into a human for several days at a time. Her mother is an actress while her father is an executive in a certain major corporation, which both show in her beautiful figure and brilliant mind, everyone hoped she’d chose the path best for her, so there was a wind blowing with everyone expecting her, but she ultimately chose the path of an idol that she had dreamed of since childhood. It’s said she’s like a glittering jewel of an idol, the sort you saw on the screens back in the day. She yearned to shine like the glittering jewels she saw on the stage. Shining and glittering, even now, that thought is a dream of little girls all over the world.


Story Teller

ストーリー・テラー Story Teller
Grade 2/Dark Irregulars – Human/9000 Power/5000 Shield
[AUTO](VC/RC):[Counter Blast (2)] When this unit’s attack hits, if you have a «Dark Irregulars» vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, draw a card.

« So sad… … It’s a Bad End for you. »

書物に宿る魔神と契約を交わした魔道士。 これといって特筆するべき所の無い平凡な男だったが、封印されていた書物を好奇心から持ち去ってしまい、その後の人生を大きく狂わせてしまう。 本から現れた魔神の姿に初めこそ驚いたものの、自分に危害を加えない彼に、男は心を許していった。 最初は話相手程度だった魔神だが、徐々に男に甘言を囁くようになり、ある日魔神の誘惑という後押しを得て、犬猿の仲であった同僚を消してしまう。 そして狼狽した男の心の隙を突き、魔神は彼の体を乗っ取ってしまった。 肉体を手に入れた魔神は人の皮を被りながら、悪行を重ね続けるだろう。 人の身という、その脆い依代が朽ち果てるまで……。

A mage who made a deal with a devil who exists inside a book. He was just an ordinary man with nothing particularly special about him, but one day he took away a sealed book that caused him to go mad later in life. Although at first, he was surprised by the demon who appeared from the book, since it didn’t harm him, he relaxed. While the demon just talked to him in the beginning, it slowly whispered honeyed words in his ears, and then one day, backed by the temptations of the evil fiend, he began to get rid of his co-workers like they were mere cats and dogs. Then, prodding and poking at the confused man’s heart and soul, the fiend took over his body for his own. The demon, having acquired a body to wear, can now commit one crime after another. Until the weak vessel called the human body rots apart.

Card of the Day! 08/04/2013

8 avril 2013 a 9 h 46 min

Wisdom Guardian, Metis

英知の守り手 メーティス Wisdom Guardian, Metis
Grade 3/Genesis – Noble/11000 Power/No Shield
[AUTO] Limit Break 4 (This ability is active if you have four or more damage):[Counter Blast (1)] When a «Genesis» rides this unit, you may pay the cost. If you do, draw a card, Soul Charge (3), choose one of your vanguards, and that unit gets [Power]+10000 until end of turn.
[AUTO](VC):When this unit attacks a vanguard, Soul Charge (1), and this unit gets [Power]+1000 until end of turn.
[CONT](VC/RC): Lord (If you have a unit that doesn’t belong to the same clan as this unit, this unit cannot attack)

« Be protected by the divine mysteries… … Deep Embrace! »

星空と見紛う程に美しい煌めく藍色の髪を持つ女神。 占い師や魔女の多い“ジェネシス”では珍しい生粋の学者。 専門は魔法学であり、主に魔法と科学を組み合わせた新たな道具の研究を行っている。 高位女神という肩書に見合うだけの高い魔力とそれを操る技術を持ち、「深愛の抱擁」をはじめとする強力な祝福(ブレス)も習得しているが、日がな研究に没頭している為、その力が披露される事はあまり無い。 また、彼女が普段籠っている大書斎は数百万冊の蔵書に加え、数億冊を超える書物のデータを保管している迷宮のような地下施設であり、彼女に用がある場合は数日かけて捜索を行わなければならないと専らの噂である。

A Goddess with sparkling indigo hair that is often mistaken for the starry sky. She’s a rare genuine scholar in « Genesis », which is made up mostly of fortune-tellers and witches. Her area of expertise is in the knowledge of magic, and mostly proposes new tools and devices that combine magic and science. Armed with technology capable of manipulating high-level magic, she is worthy of her title of a high-ranking Goddess. But she has learned strong blessings such as Deep Embrace. But because she’s so busy studying, she rarely shows off her powers. Also, the massive study she usually stays in is a library of over a million books, while she also has an underground labyrinthine facility that stores the data of more than several hundreds of millions of books, and there are rumors that when she goes searching for information, she might be gone for several days.