Planning Sorties Cardfight Vanguard 2022

6 avril 2022 a 20 h 40 min

Voici le planning des sorties pour les cartes Cardfight!! Vanguard overDress D en 2022 :

  • 21 janvier 2022 : Trial Deck Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- 2021 D-TTD01
  • 21 janvier 2022 : Title Booster Touken Ranbu -ONLINE- 2021 D-TB01
  • 11 février 2022 : Booster Awakening of Chakrabarthi D-BT04
  • 4 mars 2022 : Extra Booster Special Series 03 V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.3 D-VS03
  • 4 mars 2022 : Extra Booster Special Series 04 V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.4 D-VS04
  • 13 mai 2022 : Booster Lyrical Monasterio ~It’s a New School Term!~ D-LBT02
  • 10 juin 2022 : Booster Triumphant Return of the Brave Heroes D-BT05
  • 24 juin 2022 : Extra Booster P Clan Collection 2022 D-PS01
  • 24 juin 2022 : Extra Booster Festival Collection 2022 D-SS02
  • 15 juillet 2022 : Title Booster Record of Ragnarok D-TB02
  • 15 juillet 2022 : Trial Deck Record of Ragnarok D-TTD02
  • 19 août 2022 : Extra Booster Special Series 05 V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.5 D-VS05
  • 19 août 2022 : Extra Booster Special Series 06 V CLAN COLLECTION Vol.6 D-VS06
  • 9 septembre 2022 : Extra Booster Shaman King D-TB03
  • 9 septembre 2022 : Trial Deck Shaman King D-TTD03
  • 07 octobre 2022 : Trial Deck Urara Haneyama -Bandmaster of Blossoming Bonds- D-TD01
  • 07 octobre 2022 : Trial Deck Michiru Hazama -Demonic Jewel Dragon of the Four Flames- D-TD02
  • 07 octobre 2022 : Trial Deck Raika Koshiba -Skyfall Executors- D-TD03
  • 21 octobre 2022 : Booster Blazing Dragon Reborn D-BT06
  • 11 novembre 2022 : Booster Lyrical Monasterio ~Summertime Memories!~ D-LBT03
  • 16 décembre 2022 : Booster Raging Flames Against Emerald Storm D-BT07

Planning Sorties Cardfight Vanguard 2021

15 octobre 2021 a 16 h 01 min

Voici le planning des sorties pour les cartes Cardfight Vanguard V en 2021 :

  • 22 janvier 2021 : Special Expansion Set Valiant Sanctuary V-SS06
  • 22 janvier 2021 : Extra Booster Twinkle Melody V-EB15
  • 26 février 2021 : Extra Booster Special Series Clan Selection Plus Vol.1 V-SS07
  • 5 mars 2021 : Extra Booster BanG Dream! FILM LIVE Title Booster V-TB01
  • 16 avril 2021 : Extra Booster Special Series Clan Selection Plus Vol.2 V-SS08
  • 14 mai 2021 : Starter Deck Yu-Yu Kondo Holy Dragon D-SD01
  • 14 mai 2021 : Starter Deck Danji Momoyama Tyrant Tiger D-SD02
  • 14 mai 2021 : Starter Deck Tohya Ebata Apex Ruler D-SD03
  • 14 mai 2021 : Starter Deck Megumi Okura Sylvan King D-SD04
  • 14 mai 2021 : Starter Deck Tomari Seto Aurora Valkyrie D-SD05
  • 21 mai 2021 : Booster Genesis of the Five Greats D-BT01
  • 25 juin 2021 : Extra Booster Special Series 01: Festival Collection 2021 D-SS01
  • 23 juillet 2021 : Booster A Brush with the Legends D-BT02
  • 24 septembre 2021 : Extra Booster Special Series 09 Revival Selection V-SS09
  • 15 octobre 2021 : Trial Deck Lyrical Trial Deck 01: Ahoy! Lyrical Monasterio! D-LTD01
  • 22 octobre 2021 : Booster Lyrical Booster Pack 01: Lyrical Melody D-LBT01
  • 19 novembre 2021 : Extra Booster Special Series 01: V Clan Collection Vol.1 D-VS01
  • 19 novembre 2021 : Extra Booster Special Series 02: V Clan Collection Vol.2 D-VS02
  • 10 décembre 2021 : Booster Advance of Intertwined Stars D-BT03
  • 17 décembre 2021 : Starter Deck Mirei Minae Sealed Blaze Maiden D-SD06

Planning Sorties Cardfight Vanguard 2018

16 août 2018 a 9 h 26 min

Voici le planning des sorties pour les cartes Cardfight Vanguard G en 2018 :

  • 26 janvier 2018 : Extra Booster The Awakening Zoo G-EB02
  • 23 février 2018 : Extra Booster The GALAXY STAR GATE G-EB03
  • 9 mars 2018 : Booster Divine Dragon Apocrypha G-BT14
  • 27 avril 2018 : Clan Booster Divas’ Festa G-CB07
  • 8 juin 2018 : Trial Deck Aichi Sendou V-TD01
  • 8 juin 2018 : Trial Deck Toshiki Kai V-TD02
  • 22 juin 2018 : Booster Unite! Team Q4 V-BT01
  • 2 août 2018 : Extra Booster The Destructive Roar V-EB01
  • 31 août 2018 : Trial Deck Leon Soryu V-TD03
  • 31 août 2018 : Extra Booster Champions of the Asia Circuit V-EB02
  • 14 septembre 2018 : Trial Deck Ren Suzugamori V-TD04
  • 19 octobre 2018 : Booster Strongest! Team AL4 V-BT02
  • 9 novembre 2018 : Mini Booster PSYqualia Strife V-MB01
  • 14 décembre 2018 : Extra Booster ULTRARARE MIRACLE COLLECTION V-EB03

Cardfight Vanguard V

21 mars 2018 a 15 h 25 min

A partir de juin 2018 la nouvelle saison de Vanguard démarre avec la version V !

Les tournois se déroulent désormais en 2 formats :
Format standard : les joueurs ne peuvent utiliser que les cartes de Vanguard V.
Format premium : les joueurs peuvent utiliser toutes les cartes Vanguard.

Vanguard V reprend tous les personnages du premier dessin animé comme Sendou Aichi et Kai Toshiki ainsi que leurs cartes favorites comme Blaster Blade ou Dragonic Overlord

Nouveau : Créer votre liste Cardfight Vanguard

21 août 2013 a 10 h 11 min

Vous trouverez désormais sur notre partenaire Cards Capital une nouvelle fonction inédite ! En effet il est possible désormais de créer ses listes de cartes gratuitement, que ce soit des decks ou des listes d’échanges.
Pour ce faire il vous suffit de vous inscrire sur le site et d’aller dans l’outil de création de liste (menu mon compte). A noter qu’il est possible d’importer une liste par un copier coller en quelques secondes !

Voici la démo d’une liste :

Screenshots ci dessous :

Voir la suite de Nouveau : Créer votre liste Cardfight Vanguard

Month’s Update

26 juillet 2013 a 14 h 00 min

EB07 : Mystical Magus updated!

Japanese Promo Cards updated!

BT13 : Catastrophic Outbreak updated!

TD12 : Dimensional Brave Kaiser updated and completed!

Holidays !

12 juillet 2013 a 7 h 38 min

Hello everyone !

After a lot of work, I am announcing today that I will take some rest during the two next months. Not only as a choice but I probably will also be unable to update the blog daily with Cards of the Day and other news as I will not be at home (or too much busy) until the end of August.

That being said ! I will still try to update the whole website with the upcoming Trial Deck 12 (Dimensional Brave Kaiser), EB07 (Mystical Magus) and BT13 (Catastrophic Outbreak) if needed ! I will also try to be available during the release of KeroKero Aces. Until then, I wish everyone to spend the best summer as possible in the wait of September ! See ya’, buddies !


Salut tout le monde !

Après un bon paquet de boulet, j’annonce aujourd’hui que je vais prendre du repos pour les deux prochains mois. Ce n’est pas seulement un choix mais je serai aussi dans l’incapacité de mettre à jour le blog quotidiennement avec les Card of the Day ou autres news. Je ne serai effectivement pas à la maison, ou bien trop occupé – ce jusqu’à la fin du mois d’août.

Cela étant dit ! J’essaierai tout de même de mettre à jour le site avec les prochains Trial Deck 12 (Dimensional Brave Kaiser), EB07 (Mystical Magus) et BT13 (Catastrophic Outbreak) si nécessaire ! J’essaierai également d’être disponible durant les sorties des KeroKero Ace. Jusqu’à ce moment, je souhaite à tout le monde de passer le meilleur été possible d’ici septembre ! Tchao les amis !


Card of the Day! 12/07/2013

12 juillet 2013 a 7 h 29 min

Silver Thorn Assistant, Ionera

銀の茨のお手伝い イオネラ Silver Thorn Assistant, Ionera
Grade 0/Pale Moon – Warbeast/5000 Power/10000 Shield
[AUTO]: Forerunner (When a unit of the same clan rides this unit, you may call this unit to (RC))
[AUTO]: [Put this unit into Soul] When this unit boosts a « Silver Thorn » Vanguard and the attack hits a Vanguard, you may pay cost. If paid, look at the top 2 cards of your deck, select up to 1 « Silver Thorn » unit from those cards, and put it into soul. Put the remaining cards to the bottom of the deck.

« The dream time, it’s starting, it’s starting! »

“ペイルムーン”の興業先で「ルキエ」より銀茨を賜った彼女の従僕。 念力で手を触れずに物を動かす念動力(サイコキネシス)の使い手。 人の姿をしているが、元々は亜人では無く栗鼠のような幻獣だった。 興業中に舞台裏で起きた事故によって瀕死の重傷を負ったが、「ルキエ」の気まぐれで銀茨の力を授けられ、すんでのところで一命を取り留めたという。 急に大きな魔力を持ってしまった為に元の姿に戻れなくなってしまったが、彼女自身は全く気にしておらず、命の恩人である「ルキエ」の後を公私問わずついて回っていた。 従僕の中で最も早く主の異変に気が付き、以来警戒しながらも彼女の身を案じ続けている。 自由を奪われ無理矢理従わされる仲間達を見て涙する日々はとうに過ぎた。 だから、彼女は泣かずに待ち続ける。 優しいあの人を取り戻してくれる、まだ見ぬ勇者の到着を。

A servant of « Luquier » who was given a Silverthorn in celebration of the new ownership at « Pale Moon ». She is a user of Psychokinesis, which allows her to move objects without using her limbs. Though she looks human, she was originally a magical beast, such as a squirrel, not a humanoid. When she was seriously injured due to an accident backstage at the circus, on the verge of death, she was given the power of the Silver Thorns on a whim of Luquier’s, allowing her to survive just in time. Due to the incredible surge in magical power, she became incapable of returning to her original form, but she didn’t mind, instead dedicated her entire life to accompanying and attending to Mistress Luquier, who saved her life. She was the first of the servants to notice what happened to her mistress, and remains quite anxious to the changes in her, making her more cautious. She has cried as she has watched her friends lose their freedom with each day, forced to follow her mistress. So now, she’ll wait, refusing to shed any more tears. She waits for the day an unseen hero will arrive, and turn her mistress back to the gentle person she was before.

「ルキエ」より銀の茨とその力の一部を賜り、彼女に永遠の忠誠を誓った従僕達の総称。 経緯は様々で、望んで彼女に降った者もいれば、魅了(チャーム)や実力行使で無理やり従わされた者もいる。 従僕となった者は「ルキエ」と同じ系統の魔術の一端を行使できるようになるが、彼女の命令があった際はそれを最優先で実行しなければならないという制約を設けられる。

The Silver Thorn Servants is
The general name for the servants who have sworn eternal loyalty to their mistress, Luquier, who has bestowed upon them Silver Thorns and a fraction of her own power. Their circumstances differ, as some of them came to her, desiring servitude, while others were forcefully converted to her side by the use of her « Charm ». Those that became her servants are able to use a fragment of the same magic as Mistress Luquier, provided there is one major restriction: They must follow her orders with top priority, and fulfill them as soon as possible.

Card of the Day! 11/07/2013

11 juillet 2013 a 8 h 18 min

Revenger, Dark Bond Trumpeter

撃退者 ダークボンド・トランペッター Revenger, Dark Bond Trumpeter
Grade 1/Shadow Paladin – Angel/6000 Power/5000 Shield
[AUTO]:[Counter Blast (1)] When this unit is placed on (VC) or (RC), if you have a «Shadow Paladin» vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, search your deck for up to one grade 0 card with « Revenger » in its card name, call it to (RC) as [Rest], and shuffle your deck.

« Yeah… … I called. Do your best. »

侵略者の魔手より聖域を守護する事を誓った戦士「撃退者」。 存命の内乱参戦者の中では最年少だが、胸に秘めた強固な覚悟は「撃退者」としての其れに他ならない。 奈落竜の支配から解かれた後、多くの人々を傷つけたという現実と向き合えずにいたが、復活した「ブラスター・ダーク」の下、“シャドウパラディン”が再集結した事を知り、今の自分が何を為すべきかを思い悩む。 意を決して訪れた新生“シャドウパラディン”で「ブラスター・ダーク」より伝えられたのは新たなる影の騎士の使命――聖域を蝕む侵略者、“リンクジョーカー”の討滅。 この戦いが今までのどの戦より過酷なものになる事を理解していながら、それでも彼女は迷わず「撃退者」となる道を選んだ。 彼女は決めたのだ。 あの日、目の前で大空へと羽ばたいていった白い少女のように、今度は自分も誰かを守る為に飛び立つのだ、と。

A warrior of the « Revengers », who have vowed to protect the Sanctuary from the clutches of the invaders. Although she’s one of the youngest from the civil war who is still alive, this is meaningless in the face of the determination she carries as a Revenger. After being released from the control of Phantom Blaster, she was unable to accept she caused so much pain and suffering, but when « Blaster Dark » returned, knowing the Shadow Paladins would be reunited once more, she worried about what she should do. Ultimately, she made up her mind upon hearing the new mission of the reborn Shadow Paladins from Blaster Dark, who appeared with grim determination: The defeat and destruction of Link Joker, the despicable invaders who would ruin and undermine the Sanctuary. While she understood this fight would be harsher than any fight before, she didn’t hesitate when she chose to become a Revenger. She decided to. On that day, like the white girl before her who flapped her wings into the sky, she flew off this time with the determination to protect someone, something, she cared about.

神聖国家ユナイテッドサンクチュアリの裏舞台で暗躍する影の騎士団“シャドウパラディン”の中でも、強い覚悟を持って侵略者から国を守る事を決意した者達によって構成された部隊。 名誉も武勲も表沙汰にならず、おのずと危険な任務も増えていく為、構成員は少ない。 しかし、その全てが比類なき意志と信念を掲げる精鋭である為、統率の取れた完成度の高い部隊となっている。

The Revengers
Among the ranks of the « Shadow Paladins », who work behind the scenes in the unseen side of the holy nation of « United Sanctuary », the Revengers are a unit composed of those with incredible determination to protect their country from invaders by any means necessary. Their numbers are few, since they deal with incredibly dangerous missions that are only likely to increase, and their honor nor distinguished services for their country will never be known to the people. However, because all of them are elites carrying unparalleled determination and conviction, they have become a nearly complete fighting force under the proper leadership.

Card of the Day! 10/07/2013

10 juillet 2013 a 7 h 32 min

Evil Claw Star-vader, Niobium

凶爪の星輝兵 ニオブ Evil Claw Star-vader, Niobium
Grade 2/Link Joker – Cyber Beast/9000 Power/5000 Shield
[AUTO](RC): When your opponent’s rear-guard becomes locked due to any of your card’s effect, if you have a «Link Joker» vanguard, this unit gets [Power]+2000 until end of turn.

« Its strange claws tear apart the space-time continuum, causing the world to be torn asunder. »

侵略者“リンクジョーカー”の先兵「星輝兵」。 ここ数百年の間に製造された比較的新しいタイプのサイバロイドで、人間の外観的特徴を最も多く受け継いだ世代の兵士。 Type-FEMALE本来の持ち味である速度を損なった代わりに、Type-MALEに匹敵する程の膂力を手に入れた攻性特化機で、自分か相手が機能停止するその時まで、鉄をも叩き割る拳を延々と打ち込んでくる。 この腕力だけでも十分脅威だが、加えて「パイロクロウ」という強力な武装を所持する。 消費が激しい為に命中予測が8割を超えた時以外使用許可が下りないが、虚無(ヴォイド)の力を傷口に固定し、数時間は治癒不可能となる傷をつける恐ろしい兵器である。 “リンクジョーカー”に蹂躙された戦地跡には、破損し停止した彼女達が多く見られる。 本体の回収はされない。 使い古しの駒は全てを失った星と共に、ただ無為に朽ちていく。

One of the « Star-vaders », the vanguard of the invaders known as « Link Joker ». It is a relatively new type of Cyberoid made in the last few hundred years, a model of soldier that inherited human-like characteristics. The Type-FEMALE generally rely on speed, while TYPE-Male rely on muscular strength. But Niobiums are an attack based model designed to keep swinging their iron smashing fists until they or the opponent falls. While its strength is danger enough, it also is equipped with weapons called « Pyroclaws ». Because its power consumption it is intense, it is not allowed unless there’s an 80% or greater chance of hitting, but it is a weapon that uses the power of Void itself that causes uncurable, untreatable wounds that last for hours. Many of these robots that have been damaged or just plain stopped are seen left on the battlefields that were overrun by Link Joker. Their bodies aren’t recovered. They just ultimately stop, slowly rot, and fade away, on worlds that have basically lost everything.

「虚無(ヴォイド)」の化身にして惑星クレイを脅かす侵略者、“リンクジョーカー”の先兵。 原生生物を調査して強者のデータを収集、可能なら素体そのものを支配下に置く事を主目的とし、その過程で収集に値しないと判断された対象を消去しているとみられる。 クレイには存在しない数多の技術を保有し、「呪縛(ロック)」と呼ばれる未知の力を自在に操る。

The Star-Vaders are…
The vanguards of « Link Joker », the invaders threatening the planet Cray who are the embodiment of « Void ». Protist-like micro-organisms collected and examined the data of the planet’s strongest, and were further programmed to take control of the bodies of worthwhile subjects, while those deemed useless or weak are to be erased. Among the various technologies and powers unknown to the planet of Cray, one of those is the strange, unknown power called « Lock ».