Card of the Day! 09/07/2013

9 juillet 2013 a 8 h 01 min

House of Amon, Vlad Specula

アモンの眷族 ヴラド・スペキュラ House of Amon, Vlad Specula
Grade 1/Dark Irregulars – Vampire/6000 Power/0 Shield
[CONT]: Sentinel (You may only have up to four cards with « [CONT]: Sentinel » in a deck)
[AUTO]:[Choose a «Dark Irregulars» from your hand, and discard it] When this unit is placed on (GC), you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your «Dark Irregulars» that is being attacked, and that unit cannot be hit until end of that battle.

« Hahhah! I will not allow such attacks! »

虚無(ヴォイド)の力で「魔神」へと変貌した「アモン」の新たな眷族。 掌から発する魔力の波動で、 「ラスターシュピーゲル」という魔法盾を自由自在に操作する事ができる。 この盾はクレイに存在する物質では無く、異界から精神体だけを顕現させた邪悪な精霊であり、彼の魔力が尽きない限りおよそ無限に喚び出す事が可能だという。 若輩ながらも強い力を持つ魔族として、昨今よく名を聞くようになったヴァンパイアの一人だったが、その勇名が災いして魔神となった「アモン」の支配下におかれてしまった。 眷族となった者には、重い制約と共に主の力の一部を行使する自由を与えられる。 哀しみや憤りは感じていなかった。 借り物とはいえ飛躍的に向上した自身の力に、若き魔族は感動を禁じ得なかった。 目先に転がる力に溺れてしまった魔神の奴隷。 彼が己の過ちに苦悩する日は訪れるのだろうか。

A new servant of Amon’s, after he was transformed and twisted by the power of Void into a sort of demonic god. Through a magical wave from his hand, he is able to control the magical shield « Raster Spiegel » (Grid Reflector). This shield isn’t made of any substance that exists on Cray, it is an evil spirit from another world that manifests as a spirit or ghost, that can be summoned infinitely as long as the magic doesn’t run out. As one of the Mazoku (inhabitants of the Demon World), he is incredibly strong despite his youth, and as he is one of the most famous vampires, that fame led to him ending up under the control of Amon, who had become a god among demons. Those that become Servants are given the freedom to use a portion of their master’s power, though with some heavy restrictions. He does not feel sorrow or resentment. As a result, his power has improved dramatically, despite being borrowed, this young monster could not help but show his excitement. The slave of the demonic god has been indulging himself in that power, finding himself addicted to it, only thinking of the here and now. One wonders if the day will come that he’ll regret his mistakes…

高位魔族の刻印をその身に刻まれた者達の総称。 強大な力を持つ一部の魔族は己の血肉を媒介とした儀式を介し、他者の身体に自身を象徴する証を刻んで服従させる事ができる。 力の弱い者・意思の弱い者の中には儀式の対象となった事にすら気づけない者もいるという。 「強靭な精神力を得る」または「主以上の力を得る」、この二択以外に眷族化を破る術は存在しない。

Servant is…
The generic term for those who have had the mark of high ranking demons carved into their bodies. Through a ritual, a being of the Demon World can give a portion of their powers to others by carving seals and emblems, that represent itself, into the body of others. It’s said those that don’t recognize they would be chosen for it, such as the weak or feeble minded, are the ones most commonly chosen. Reasons for becoming a servant other than « Gain greater spiritual strength and force of will » or « Gain power equal to or greater than that of their master » don’t exist.