Card of the Day! 13/06/2013

13 juin 2013 a 8 h 32 min

Tear Knight, Lucas

ティアーナイト ルーカス Tear Knight, Lucas
Grade 2/Aqua Force – Aquaroid/9000 Power/5000 Shield
[AUTO](VC/RC):[Counter Blast (2)] When this unit’s attack hits, if you have an «Aqua Force» vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, draw a card.

« A trident in an underwater battle is both the basis and a mystery. »

海軍“アクアフォース”の中尉にして、執行部隊「ティアーナイト」の一員。 トライデントは地上での戦闘に不向きである為、主武装としての採用率が低い。 しかし、水中ではハイドロエンジンの特性を引き出しやすい武器とされており、実地訓練の際は全ての訓練生が小型トライデントの携帯を義務付けられるという。 彼はそんな訓練生時代よりこの武器を愛用している稀有な戦士である。 一心不乱にひたすら基礎訓練だけを行ってきた愚直な彼と、水中戦闘の基本となる水槍術は相性が良く、いつしかその刺突のスピードは海軍随一と言われる程にまで昇華された。 彼はこれ以外の武器を扱えない。 だからこそ、刺突の速度と正確さだけは誰にも負ける気がしないのだという。 銃器が一般化した昨今にあっても、彼は得物を突き出す事だけを考えて戦う。 速く、より速く、誰よりも速く、と。

A first lieutenant in the navy « Aqua Force », he is a member of the enforcement squad « Tear Knights ». Because the trident is unsuited for battles on land, it is rarely used as a primary weapon. However, it’s considered to be a weapon hat easily draws out the best traits of the Hydro Engine while underwater, and it’s said all soldiers, while training, are required to train with a small sized trident. He is a rare soldier who got to know and love the weapon while originally training. Honest to a fault, he done the basic training over and over to the point it’s part of his heart and soul, and as a result, he is very very good at using underwater spears, lances and pole-arms that form the basis of underwater combat, and before anyone realized it, he has become so sublime, that his thrusting speed is some of the best in the entire navy. He’s incapable of using weapons other than this one. That’s why he refuses to lose to anyone in terms of speed and accuracy of goring and piercing. Even in this era where firearms are the norm, he just thinks about showing off his weapon of choice. He is fast, faster and faster than anyone else.