Card of the Day! 20/02/2013

20 février 2013 a 8 h 25 min
戦巫女 ミヒカリヒメ Battle Maiden, Mihikarihime
Grade 1/Genesis – Noble/8000 Power/5000 Shield
« For the era when all predictions are filled with nothing but despair… Genesis was founded in order to create a new hope. »
専用の魔力装填型自動小銃「水光(みひかり)」をはじめとした近代兵器を駆使して戦う女神。 兵器の扱いに長けている事からバトロイドの整備を兼ねる警備兵として配属される予定だったが、入社時の適性検査で高い魔力係数を弾きだした為、魔力兵装の支給が多い戦巫女に任じられた。 しかし、整備班への所属をあきらめきれないのか、職務の合間を縫ってはドックに潜り込み、武具やバトロイド達のメンテナンスを手伝っている姿が散見されているという。 実際、彼女のスキルは非常に高く、整備を受けた者や整備班のメンバー達は彼女の転属を切に希望しているらしい。
A goddess who makes full use of modern weapons and artillery, including her personal Mihikari Automatic Rifle, loaded with magical rounds. She planned to join as a guard who would perform maintenance on Battleroids that were proficient with weapons, but because she was shown to be very potent in magic during her aptitude tests, she was appointed to the Battle Maidens who possess a multitude of magical weapons. But she hasn’t given up on being a part of the maintenance team, and between her scheduled duties, its said she appears to help with the maintenance of weapons and Battleroids. And the truth is, she is incredibly skilled, and the members of the team that have seen her work, as well as those she has worked on, hope and pray that she’ll ultimately be transferred.