Card of the Day! 20/06/2013

20 juin 2013 a 8 h 11 min

Morale Revenger, Dorin

督戦の撃退者 ドリン Morale Revenger, Dorin
Grade 1/Shadow Paladin – Human/7000 Power/5000 Shield
[AUTO](RC):When a card named « Blaster Dark Revenger » is placed on your (VC) or (RC) of the same column as this unit, if you have a vanguard with « Revenger » in its card name, choose a card from your damage zone, and turn it face up.

« Struggle to your heart’s content. I will support your resolve. »

侵略者の魔手より聖域を守護する事を誓った戦士「撃退者」。 蒼黒の槍を持つ騎士で、同じ“シャドウパラディン”に所属する「クローダス」の双子の兄。 戦いを好む弟に比べ、金銭にシビアな傭兵然とした男であり、戦に信念などを持って挑む事は無かったという。 しかし、肉親が窮地に陥り、初めて大きな焦燥と恐怖を味わった彼は、自分達が今まで投じていた「戦」に対する考え方を全面的に改める事になる。 何かを守る為には戦いが必要で、戦う為には力がいる。 聖域の暗部を担う影の騎士として新たな門出を迎えた彼は、「ブラスター・ダーク」に唯一度だけ説かれた戦う者の覚悟をしかと胸に抱いて今を生きる。 あの時一瞬でも感じた喪失感と絶望を、他の誰にも味あわせてはならない。 金も、名誉も、感謝の言葉すら欲さない。 迫りくる災厄に、光では無く闇を以て立ち向かう影の英雄を、彼は支え続ける。

A « Revenger », one of the warriors who have vowed to protect the sanctuary from the clutches of the invaders. A knight with a black-blue spear, he is the older twin brother of Claudas, who also belongs to the Shadow Paladins. Compared to his younger brother, who is a bit of a warmonger, he dealt in mercenary activities strictly for the money, and it was said he never fought a battle with any sense of conviction. But when his brother was trapped in a corner, he tasted fear and anxiety for the first time, which caused him to completely revisit the way he viewed « battle » and « war ». Fighting to protecting someone, that became his strength for fighting. He crossed the threshold, becoming a Shadow Paladin, the ones who handle the seedy underbelly of the Sanctuary. Now he lives with a feeling of « Determination » inside his heart, the very same « Determination » that Blaster Dark preaches about. The feeling of despair and the sense of loss that you could feel at any time, he doesn’t want anyone else to taste that feeling. Gold? Honor? Words of Gratitude? He cares naught for them. With a disaster imminent, he continues to support the heroes of the shadows, who aren’t a part of the light anymore, who are willing to fight against the darkness.

神聖国家ユナイテッドサンクチュアリの裏舞台で暗躍する影の騎士団“シャドウパラディン”の中でも、強い覚悟を持って侵略者から国を守る事を決意した者達によって構成された部隊。 名誉も武勲も表沙汰にならず、おのずと危険な任務も増えていく為、構成員は少ない。 しかし、その全てが比類なき意志と信念を掲げる精鋭である為、統率の取れた完成度の高い部隊となっている。

The Revengers
Among the ranks of the « Shadow Paladins », who work behind the scenes in the unseen side of the holy nation of « United Sanctuary », the Revengers are a unit composed of those with incredible determination to protect their country from invaders by any means necessary. Their numbers are few, since they deal with incredibly dangerous missions that are only likely to increase, and their honor nor distinguished services for their country will never be known to the people. However, because all of them are elites carrying unparalleled determination and conviction, they have become a nearly complete fighting force under the proper leadership.