Card of the Day! 21/12/2012

21 décembre 2012 a 11 h 56 min

夢幻の風花 シラユキ Phantasmagoric Snowy Wind, Shirayuki
Grade 3/Murakumo – Ghost/11000 Power/No Shield
Auto: [VC] Limit Break 4 (This ability is active if you have four or more damage): [Counterblast (1) & Choose a 「Phantasmagoric Snowy Wind, Shirayuki」At the beginning of the guard step in which this unit gets attacked, you may pay the cost. If you do, select up to one attacking unit, and that unit gains -20000 Power during this battle.
Cont: [VC/RC] Leader (If there is a unit on the field that does not share the same clan as this unit, this unit cannot attack)

« Please go to your death dreaming. Ninjutsu Art of White Out! »

帝国に所属する全ての雪女の頭目。 朽ちた竜と山神の魂が混じり合って生まれた存在で、九尾や大天狗と肩を並べる大妖怪。 雪原のような銀髪に時折朱色の輝きが射すのは、竜の魂の名残と言われている。 儚げな少女の姿をしているが、これは幻術を使って錯覚させているだけであり、本来の外見は女神と見紛う程の絶世の美女らしい。 だが、山で彼女の姿を見ても決して追ってはならない。 人ならざるその身に流れるのは血では無く冷たい妖気。 近づくだけで寒さに凍え、触れれば夢見る間も無く骨の髄まで凍り付いてしまうだろう。

The tribal leader of all of the Empire’s Yukionna. It is said she came into being when the souls of a rotting dragon and the goddess of the mountain that merged, and is said to be a mighty Youkai that sits shoulder-to-shoulder with the greatest of Tengu and Nine-Tailed Foxes. The vermilion glow shining from her silver snowfield-like hair is said to be the remains of the Dragon’s soul. Although she looks like a fragile girl, this is merely an illusion using Genjutsu, her true form is that of a beautiful woman with no equal, that many confuse for a goddess.But you should never chase her if you see her in the mountains. An cold, eerie atmosphere grows as your blood comes to a crawl, as you realize she isn’t a human. As you get closer, the more freezing cold it becomes, and if you ever dare touch her, you’ll freeze to the bone, as you dream… … …

Note: Yukionna are Youkai of Japanese folklore that appear in winter and snowstorms, as the spirit of one who died in the snow. Yuki-onna typically appear to travelers in snow storms, sometimes trying to kill them. Other times, seen as a vampire-like creature who drains her victim’s life force. Or they’re seen as a Succubus-like creature, preying on weak-willed men, freezing and draining them through kissing or sex. Later myths on the Yukionna tends to lean towards them being a neutral, non-hostile agent of the otherworldly.

Note: Yama-no-Kami are generally considered to be female.