Card of the Day! 24/06/2013

24 juin 2013 a 7 h 28 min

Silverthorn Hypnos, Lydia

銀の茨の催眠術師[シルバーソーン・ヒュプノス] リディア Silverthorn Hypnos, Lydia
Grade 1/Pale Moon – Human/6000 Power/0 Shield
[CONT]: Sentinel (You may only have up to four cards with « [CONT]: Sentinel » in a deck)
[AUTO]:[Choose a «Pale Moon» from your hand, and discard it] When this unit is placed on (GC), you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your «Pale Moon» that is being attacked, and that unit cannot be hit until end of that battle.

« Please sleep… … Deeper, deeper and even deeper… »

“ペイルムーン”の興業先で「ルキエ」より銀茨を賜った彼女の従僕。 元は無数の投げ輪を使った不思議な芸を見せる、流れのエンターテイナーだった。 しかしその正体は暗殺業を生業とする催眠術師であり、深い眠りについた相手を苦しまずに始末する「静謐な殺し屋」として名を馳せていた。 「ルキエ」は元々彼女のターゲットだったが、噂に聞いたそれとは比べ物にならないその美しさに心を奪われ、自ら永遠の忠誠を誓ったという。 彼女にとって「ルキエ」は絶対の存在。 それは「ルキエ」が“Я(リバース)”し、正気を失った今でも変わることはない。 突如変貌した主の姿を見て困惑する者達の内にあって、彼女だけは何一つ取り乱す事は無かった。 彼女は女王を傷つける全てを例外なく遮る。 尊信する麗しき女王の声音以外、美に狂った隷属者の耳には届かない。

A servant of « Luquier » who was given a Silverthorn in celeberation of a new enterprise at « Pale Moon ». Originally she used to do strange tricks with countless rings. an entertainer of the flow. However, her true identity was that of a hypnotist who made her living as an assassin. Originally « Luquier » was her target, but she ended up being captivated by her beauty that not even rumors could compare to, and swore eternal loyalty to her new mistress. Now, her entire existence is about Mistress Luquier. Even though Mistress Luquier has been Reversed and completely lost her mind, this won’t change. While she, and others, were baffled as the sight of their Mistress suddenly transforming, she found herself incapable of being distraught or saddened. No matter what, she wlll block any who dare try to hurt her Queen. No voice, other than voice of her beloved, beauty Queen, can still reach her. Nothing reaches this slave who is head over heels for her mistress’ beauty.

「ルキエ」より銀の茨とその力の一部を賜り、彼女に永遠の忠誠を誓った従僕達の総称。 経緯は様々で、望んで彼女に降った者もいれば、魅了(チャーム)や実力行使で無理やり従わされた者もいる。 従僕となった者は「ルキエ」と同じ系統の魔術の一端を行使できるようになるが、彼女の命令があった際はそれを最優先で実行しなければならないという制約を設けられる。

The Silverthorn Servants is
The general name for the servants who have sworn eternal loyalty to their mistress, Luquier, who has bestowed upon them Silver Thorns and a fraction of her own power. Their circumstances differ, as some of them came to her, desiring servitude, while others were forcefully converted to her side by the use of her « Charm ». Those that became her servants are able to use a fragment of the same magic as Mistress Luquier, provided there is one major restriction: They must follow her orders with top priority, and fulfill them as soon as possible.