Card of the Day! 25/03/2013

25 mars 2013 a 11 h 44 min

強襲のスカイナイト Assault Sky Knight
Grade 2/Gold Paladin – Human/9000 Power/5000 Shield
[AUTO]:When this unit is placed on (RC) from your deck, choose another of your «Gold Paladin», and that unit gets [Power]+2000 until end of turn.

« Always quick, always agile, always calm. The Sky Knight cuts across the battlefield. »

“ゴールドパラディン”蒼鷹団の空戦騎士。 彼が装備する「エネルギーブースター」は、“白兎団”で開発された「オーラブースター」の簡易発展版であり、蒼鷹団での運用が正式に決定した空戦騎士専用の量産兵装である。 出力はオリジナルに劣るが、その分汎用性が向上しており、一通りの訓練を受けた騎士ならばほとんどが性能の大部分を引き出せるという。 ブースターの軌跡が紺碧に輝く事から、彼らが一斉に空を翔ける様はまるで流星のようだと言われる。 蒼き鷹の群れは何よりも速く、鋭く、戦場と化した空を切り裂く。 唯、同志達が通るであろう道を切り拓く為に。

A knight of the Azure Falcon Corps of the Gold Paladins that specializes in aerial combat. It’s said the « Energy Booster » he wears is a simplified model of the « Aura Booster » developed by the « White Hare Corps », and has been decided to be a mass-produced piece of equipment for the Azure Falcon Corps. The output is inferior to the original model, but maneuverability has been incredibly improved, and it’s said those who can use it best are knights who have been using it since the beginning. It is said the jet trails of their booster shines like azure and that when they fly across the sky in unison, it looks like a meteor shower. A flock of Azure Falcons is quicker and more agile than anything else the sky, cutting across the sky and battlefield. They cut through to pave the way for their allies to follow.


The Azure Falcon Corps (Souyoudan) is…
One of the 7 divisions of the Gold Paladins that use one of the Seven Sacred Beasts that protect the Sanctuary as their emblem and symbol. The Azure Falcon Corps is the only Corps that specializes in aerial combat, including dogfights. By lowering their defenses, they have specialized in the areas of speed and attack.