Card of the Day! 27/02/2013

27 février 2013 a 10 h 59 min
抹消者 ワイバーンガード ガルド Eradicator Wyvern Guard, Guld
Grade 1/Narukami – Winged Dragon/6000 Power/0 Shield
[CONT]: Sentinel (You may only have up to four cards with « [CONT]:Sentinel » in a deck.)
[AUTO]: [Choose a «Narukami» from your hand, and discard it] When this unit is placed on (GC), you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your «Narukami» that is being attacked, and that unit cannot be hit until end of that battle.
« If you want to get past my shield, you’ll have to attack faster than lightning itself! »
動乱の時代を生き抜き、更なる力を手に入れ「抹消者」の一人に迎えられた翼竜「ガルド」。 体躯は以前の数倍、骨格は強者の証である型へと変貌を遂げ始めており、精密射撃のように的確な展開法から、強固な全方位防御陣の発動まで可能という他に類を見ない強大な陣使いとなった。 「解放戦争」の影響で弱り停戦していた各国が戦力を取り戻し、侵攻が難しくなっている中、彼の盾の力は今まで以上に重用されている。 雷を総べる者達“なるかみ”のどんな盾よりも鎧よりも強固な最強の防壁。 この城塞を超えられない者には、竜と戦う資格すら与えられない。
The Winged Dragon Guld, who survived the chaotic era, obtained further power and became one of the Eradicators. His body and skeleton have undergone multiple transformations in the past, as a proof of his exceptional-ism, plus a rise in precision marksmanship, and his ability to activate a practically omni-directional defense, has resulted in him being an unprecedented member of his team. For countries that were weakened by the ceasefire of the « War of Liberation », that seek to regain their military ground, his shield has made it harder than ever for them, even if invasion was already difficult for them. It is the most powerful defense there is, stronger than any suit of armor or shield, it is the defense made by « Narukami », those who control thunder and lightning itself. Those who cannot get past this stronghold have no right to fight dragons.
ドラゴンエンパイア二大柱軍が一つ“なるかみ”の戦士達の中でも、特に帝国に忠実な者達で構成された特殊部隊。 帝国に仇為す者を文字通り「抹消」する事を目的としており、平時が如何に平和的な者であっても、任務中は非情な選択が取れるよう特別な訓練を受けている。 なお、任命された者は自身が「抹消者」の称号を持っている事を、上層部と同部隊の者以外に知られてはならない。
The Eradicators
The Special Forces consisting of the most faithful and loyal in all the empire, made up of warriors from one of the two major military pillars of the « Dragon Empire », Narukami. Their mission is to literally « eradicate » any who would cross the empire, and no matter how peaceful things get, they are specially trained to be as cruel and ruthless as needed to get things done. As well, those appointed with the title « Eradicator », only their superiors and other Eradicators know who they are, with their fellow troops unaware as to their true rank.