Card of the Day! 27/06/2013

27 juin 2013 a 7 h 00 min

Early Summer Rain Liberator, Bruno

五月雨の解放者 ブルーノ Early Summer Rain Liberator, Bruno
Grade 1/Gold Paladin – Human/7000 Power/5000 Shield
[AUTO](RC): When a « Gold Paladin » is placed on (RC) from your deck, if you have a vanguard with ‘Liberator’ in its card name, this unit gets [Power]+3000 until end of turn.

« My rain hurts people. Therefore, I’ll try to use it to protect people. »

神聖国家第二正規軍“ゴールドパラディン”の「解放者」の一人。 剣としても使える大きな刃先を持つ弓矢「アーリーレイン」の使い手。 騎士の家系に生まれ、半ば強制的に父から騎士道と剣技を教示されていたが、本心では誰かを傷つける事を何よりも嫌い、およそ戦に携わる事が生業となる騎士とは最も縁遠い穏やかな生活を望んでいた。 しかし数年前に起こった襲撃事件で、黒い光を纏う謎の一団によって父を連れ去られ、家族を傷つけられ、何もできなかった事を悔やみ、騎士団への入団を決意する。 何かを守る為に、誰かを守る為に、大好きな人達がもう二度と傷つく事の無いように。 そんな想いを胸に、彼は騎士となった。 あえて言うのであれば、彼の敵は戦そのもの。 争いの無い平和な世を目指す騎士王の理想に、若き五月雨の騎士は光弓を以て答える。

One of the Liberators of the United Sanctuary’s second standing national army, « The Gold Paladins ». He is a master of the bow « Early Rain », which uses huge bladed bolts as projectiles. These bolts can be used like swords. He was born into a family of knights, and was forced to learn the ways of swordsmanship and chivalry from his father, but deep down, he hated hurting others more than anything, and longed for a peaceful life and get married, and had little interest in the battles most of the knights found themselves drawn into. But a few years ago, an ambushed occurred, resulting in his father being taken away by a mysterious group cloaked in black light and most of his family injured. Regretting he had been unable to do anything, he finally joined the Paladins. He joined them in order to find something, someone, to protect, and to never see the ones he loved ever get hurt again. He became a knight carrying such feelings inside his heart. One might dare say his enemy is the notion of war and fighting itself. The Knight of the early summer rain responds to the King of Knights’ ideal of a peaceful world without war of conflict with his bow of light.

神聖国家第二正規軍“ゴールドパラディン”の中から選ばれた、国と星を守る使命を騎士王より託された者達の総称。 悪しき者の手から全てを解き放つという意を込めて「解放者」と名付けられた。 称された者は周囲から新時代の導き手と呼ばれている。 “ゴールドパラディン”の若き戦士達が構成の中心だが、歴戦の勇士である“ロイヤルパラディン”の戦士からもある程度抜擢されているという。

The Liberators
The general term for those chosen from the second standing army of United Sanctuary, « The Gold Paladins », they are the few that the King of Knights has entrusted with the mission of protecting not only the Sanctuary, but the entire world of Cray. They were named the « Liberators » because they liberate all who have been ensnared by the schemes of the wicked. Those with the title are said to be the guiding hand of the new era. At the center of the group are the young warriors who saved the day, known as the « Gold Paladins », but some of their number are battle-scarred veterans who were handpicked for the job.