Card of the Day! 27/11/2012

27 novembre 2012 a 8 h 39 min

バトルシスター ちゃい Battle Sister, Chai
Grade 0/Oracle Think Tank – Elf/5000 Power/10000 Shield
Heal Trigger
(You may only have up to four cards with « HEAL » in a deck.)

« What do y’all mean?! »

戦闘教団に所属する生え抜きのエージェント、「バトルシスターズ」のメンバー。 普段は真面目を絵に描いたような少女だが、誰かがおかしな行動をすると全力で突っ込んでしまう癖がある。 曰くこの「ツッコミ」と紙を束ねた威嚇武器「ハリセン」は、彼女の生まれ育った地域の伝統芸らしい。 また、彼女の修道服には他のメンバーの希望でコミカルな意匠が入っているが、本人は気にいっていないという話。 本来の得物は鉄棍だが、あまりにも「ハリセン」を手にしている機会が多い為、任務中に間違えて手にしそうになる事もしばしば。

A member of « Battle Sisters », a fighting religious order consisting of Sanctuary-born agents. Usually, this girl is the very picture of absolute seriousness, but when driven to doing something with all her heart and soul, she tends to do the most ridiculous things to get it done. Based on this « Straight Man » (Tsukkomi) personality and her choice of a paper fan, typically used as a slapstick prop, as her deadly weapon, it would appear she grew up on the traditional comedy routines of her birthplace. As well, other members of group hoped she would add comical designs to her habit, but she doesn’t really want to. Technically, her personal weapon is an iron cane, but because there’s a lot of reasons for her to have her paper fan on hand, she often ends up carrying the fan with her, by mistake, to her missions.

Note: Chai is basically acts like a Kansai/Osaka bumpkin Tsukkomi cliche in personality. To translate that to Cray, she’d be a pretty straight, no nonsense girl from the rural parts of United Sanctuary. Kansai-ben (how Chai is talking) is best expressed as having a ‘Joysey’ or Southern accent in English.