Card of the Day! 28/01/2013

28 janvier 2013 a 10 h 33 min
抹消者 ガントレッドバスター・ドラゴン Eradicator, Gauntlet Buster Dragon
Grade 3/Narukami – Thunder Dragon/11000 Power/No Shield
[AUTO](VC) Limit Break 4 (This ability is active if you have four or more damage):When you use a unit’s effect to send an opponent’s rear-guard to drop zone, during this turn, this unit gets [Power]+3000/[Critical]+1.
[ACT](VC):[Counter Blast (2) – Cards with « Eradicator » in their card name] Your opponent chooses one of his or her rear-guards, and retires it.
[CONT](VC/RC): Lord (If you have a unit that doesn’t belong to the same clan as this unit, this unit cannot attack)
« Crush! Everything! Gigasparkle Buster! »
巨大な手甲と稲妻を連想される鋭角が特徴的な“なるかみ”の「抹消者」。 その荒々しい姿に違わず、自らの力を誇示する事を誰よりも好む、好戦的などという言葉では表せない程の狂戦士であり、以前は「壊し屋」とも呼ばれていた。 基本的に「抹消者」は忠誠心と強さの2点を評価される事で賜る称号だが、彼はその強さのみで栄えある称号を受けた異色の戦士なのである。 肉体的な強さなど真の強さでは無いと言う者もいる。 しかし、飽くなき強さへの欲求は、時に精神の強さなど軽く凌駕する程の驚異的な力を発揮するのだ。
An « Eradicator » of Narukami with sharp horns shaped like thunder bolts who wears gigantic gauntlets. This savage form is not very off, as he’s the sort of guy who loves to show off his strength, a berserker with a war-like mouth and personality, hell, he used to be known as the « Wrecker » and « Prince of Destruction ». Those who receive the title « Eradicator » gain it for two reasons: Loyalty or Strength, he is unique in that he gained the title on the merits of strength alone. There are those who say brute force is not true strength. However, his insatiable desire for strength, causes him to show off incredible strength that surpasses any form of strength of will and spirit.
ドラゴンエンパイア二大柱軍が一つ“なるかみ”の戦士達の中でも、特に帝国に忠実な者達で構成された特殊部隊。 帝国に仇為す者を文字通り「抹消」する事を目的としており、平時が如何に平和的な者であっても、任務中は非情な選択が取れるよう特別な訓練を受けている。 なお、任命された者は自身が「抹消者」の称号を持っている事を、上層部と同部隊の者以外に知られてはならない。
The Eradicators
The Special Forces consisting of the most faithful and loyal in all the empire, made up of warriors from one of the two major military pillars of the « Dragon Empire », Narukami. Their mission is to literally « eradicate » any who would cross the empire, and no matter how peaceful things get, they are specially trained to be as cruel and ruthless as needed to get things done. As well, those appointed with the title « Eradicator », only their superiors and other Eradicators know who they are, with their fellow troops unaware as to their true rank.