Card of the Day! 30/01/2013

30 janvier 2013 a 9 h 03 min

大望の宝石騎士[ドリーミング・ジュエルナイト] ティファニー Dreaming Jewel Knight, Tiffany
[AUTO]: Pioneer (When another unit from the same clan rides this unit, you may call this card to (RC)).
[ACT](RC):[Put this unit into your soul] Choose up to two of your rear-guards with « Jewel Knight » in its card name, and those units get [Power]+3000 until end of turn.

« I never miss, yo! Get ready! »

“ロイヤルパラディン”の精鋭、「宝石騎士」の一人。 山吹色の「魔宝石」を持つ。 昨今任命された「宝石騎士」の中では最も幼いが、大男顔負けの腕力を誇る。 が、じっとしていられない気質の為に規律違反が絶えず、実力に比例する素行の悪さで上層の騎士達を悩ませる問題児でもある。 問題を起こせば当然先輩騎士からの説教が待っているので、ほとぼりが冷めるまで逃げ隠れる毎日を送っていたが、最近は高位騎士の「アシュレイ」や「サロメ」が捜索に加わっている為、毎回すぐに捕獲されてきついお灸を据えられているとの事である。

One of the « Jewel Knights », the elite of the Royal Paladins. She possesses bright golden-yellow magical jewels. Although she’s the youngest « Jewel Knight » to currently be appointed, she’s incredibly proud of her brute strength that can put even giants to shame. But she’s always getting in trouble due to having a restless personality, making her a problem child for the higher ranking knights due to how bad she is, despite how strong she is. Because she gets a lecture from the other knights if she causes trouble, Tiffany is prone to running away and hiding until people lay off about it. Though, recently, high-ranking knights like Salome and Ashlei have joined in the search for her, resulting in her getting caught almost immediately, which leads to even more scolding.

神聖国家第一正規軍“ロイヤルパラディン”の精鋭騎士に与えられる称号の一つ。 選ばれた者は魔力を込めた煌びやかな宝玉、「魔宝石」が埋め込まれた装具を身に着ける為、騎士団一華やかな部隊としても有名。 所属するのは、伝統ある騎士の御業に魔法という超常の力を足した戦いを主流とする者達であり、その装具と戦法から「魔宝騎士」と呼ばれる事もある。

The Jewel Knights
One of the titles handed out to elite knights in the first army of United Sanctuary, « Royal Paladin ». Those chosen wear and use armor and equip that are covered in gorgeous gemstones and jewels containing with magical power known as Magical Jewels, causing them to also be known as the most fabulous and glamorous knights in the army. Those who belong to their numbers combine the traditional style of a knight along with the additional supernatural power of magic, and are nicknamed the « Knights of the Magical Treasures » due to their equipment and the tactics they employ using them.