Cards of the Day! 18/04/2013

18 avril 2013 a 11 h 46 min

Dauntless Drive Dragon

ドーントレスドライブ・ドラゴン Dauntless Drive Dragon
Grade 3/Kagero – Flame Dragon/11000 Power/No Shield
[AUTO] Limit Break 4 (This ability is active if you have four or more damage):When a «Kagero» rides this unit, choose one of your vanguard, that unit gets [Power]+10000 and gets « [AUTO](VC):[Choose three cards from your hand, and discard them] At the beginning of the close step of a battle that this unit attacked, you may pay the cost. If you do, [Stand] this unit. This ability can only be used once per turn. » until end of turn.
[AUTO](VC):When this unit attacks a vanguard, if the number of rear-guards you have is more than your opponent’s, this unit gets [Power]+2000 until end of that battle.
[CONT](VC/RC): Lord (If you have a unit that doesn’t belong to the same clan as this unit, this unit cannot attack)

« Rise above your despair! By hardening yourself, you will gain a dragon’s power! »

初代皇帝の代より生きる最古参の帝国戦士の一人。 かつては誰よりも激しく強さを追い求める、熱き魂を持つ竜戦士だったが、歳を重ねる度に己の力の在り様について迷うようになり、齢4,000を数える年に霊峰へと隠居、その身体に自ら封印を施し眠りについた。 しかし、その封印は“リンクジョーカー”という思わぬ来訪者の出現によって破られる事になる。 襲撃をきっかけに覚醒した彼は、侵略者の先兵を蹴散らした後、不撓不屈の竜「ドーントレスドライブ」を名乗り“かげろう”に帰属した。 老将の揺るがぬ闘志は、浮き足立つ者を鼓舞し、奮起させる。 いずれ侵略者達は後悔するだろう。 絶望を恐れぬ不滅の戦士を呼び覚ましてしまった事を。

One of the oldest soldiers in the empire who has been around since the time of the First Emperor. Desiring to become stronger than anyone else, even though he is a passionate dragon warrior, as the years pile themselves on top of him, he grew weaker. So, he chose to retire to the sacred mountains at the age of 4000, and sealed his body away. However, this seal was shattered by the appearance of an unexpected group of visitors called « Link Joker ». After awakening from the attack, and having been kicked about by the invaders’ vanguard team, this tenacious dragon, with the title of « Dauntless Drive », was assigned to « Kagero ». The fighting spirit of this ancient general continues to fire up the spirits of those who would waver. Someday soon, the invaders will be sorry. That they awoke the immortal soldier who fears not despair.

Seal Dragon, Linocross

BT11/011 RR
封竜 リノクロス Seal Dragon, Lenocloth
Grade 1/Kagero – Flame Dragon/6000 Power/No Shield
[CONT]: Sentinel (You may only have up to four cards with « [CONT]: Sentinel » in a deck)
[AUTO]:[Choose a «Kagero» from your hand, and discard it] When this unit is placed on (GC), you may pay the cost. If you do, choose one of your «Kagero», and that unit cannot be hit until end of that battle.

« When you fight a dragon with sealing marks, asshole, an attack that tears something can mean all the difference. »
侵略者への対抗手段を一つでも増やすべく、一時的に地上への帰還を許された「封竜」の一人。 兵士と研究者を兼任していた過去を持ち、周囲の制止も聞かずに危険な封印魔法の実験を続け、軍に多大な損害を与えた為、全魔力の凍結という2級封印を施した上で収監されていた。 硬化魔法が施された魔符を、内外の魔力を打ち消す聖符の上に巻きつける事で、あらゆる攻撃に対して耐性を得ており、激減している魔力を魔符の操作のみにあてて節約する等、状況に応じた戦い方を模索し実行できる器用な戦士。 自らの探究心を満たす為だけに、同胞をも傷つけた狡猾な企みの数々。 その心中に穏やかならぬ野望を秘めながらも、今はその才を国の為に振るう。

One of the « Seal Dragons » allowed to return to the surface to fight back against the invaders. In the past he served as a soldier and researcher, constantly experimenting with forbidden, dangerous magic without safety proofing the surronding area, he ended up causing immense damage to the army, and was locked away with a Class 2 Seal, freezing all of his magic. With the magical seals applying hardening magic and the sacred seals wrapped around him counteracting any sort of magic, he has become resistant to nearly any attack. And while the seals sharply reduce his magical power, he’s still a deft warrior who can easily adjust to fighting however he needs, regardless of the circumstances. However, he still has a number of insidious schemes running through his head, willing to hurt his fellow countrymen to satisfy his lust for knowledge. But though his insidious ambitions have not yet been quelled, for the moment, he’ll use his skills for the Empire.

様々な理由から皇帝直々の命令で封印・幽閉されている竜達の総称。 封魔神竜とは封印の度合いや経緯が異なる。 地下深くに設けられた大監獄「マグナ・プリズン」に、他の重犯罪者より厳重な封印と監視の下、収監されている。 現在は“リンクジョーカー”の侵攻に対抗するべく、一部の戦士が一時的に出所しており、封印の段階を引き下げた上で戦闘を許可されている。 なお、封印の段階は対象により異なる。

Seal Dragons is…
The generic term for the dragons who have been sealed and imprisoned by the direct order of the Emperor for various reasons. The degree and means of sealing are different than that of Dungaree. They are housed and imprisoned in a vast prison deep underground called the « Magma Prison », under direct supervision, with twice as many locks and seals as normal criminals. However, in order to counter the invasion of « Link Joker », several warriors were discharged from the prison temporarily and allowed to fight, with some of their seals weakened. As well, the stage of the seal is different which each convict.