Cards of the Day! 26/04/2013

26 avril 2013 a 7 h 16 min

Burning Hell Seal Dragon, Blockade Inferno

炎獄封竜 ブロケード・インフェルノ Burning Hell Seal Dragon, Blockade Inferno
Grade 3/Kagero – Flame Dragon/11000 Power/No Shield
[ACT](VC) Limit Break 4 (This ability is active if you have four or more damage):[Counter Blast (2) – Cards with « Seal Dragon » in its card name] Retire all of your opponent’s grade 2 units, and this unit gets [Power]+10000 until end of turn.
[CONT](VC):If you have a card named « Seal Dragon, Blockade » in your soul, this unit gets [Power]+2000.
[CONT](VC/RC): Lord (If you do not have units with the same clan as this unit, this unit cannot attack.)

« Forbidden magic, now, be released from your seal and form a burning hell to immolate everything! »

侵略者の暴挙を阻止するべく、力の解放を許された「ブロケード」の真の姿。 全身の砲孔から超高熱の排気と、熱に変換しきれなかった余剰エネルギーを噴出している。 封印時は奥の手と言われた「ヴァニッシング・フィールド」を常時展開している状態、と言えばその力の片鱗は理解してもらえるだろう。 また、平時の使用は許可されていないが、「インフェルノ・デバステイション」という全熱放出を行う切り札を持つ。 上層部の老将達は最後まで反対したが、油断ならない他の「封竜」を束ねる存在としては適任である等の理由から、紆余曲折を経て此度の封印解除へと至った。 その名を聞くだけで猛将すら震え上がらせ、存在そのものを天災と揶揄された炎獄の主。 御する事叶わぬ呪われた魔力が今、暗黒に侵されし天空を焼き払う。

In order to prevent further madness from the Invaders, « Blockade » was allowed to unleash the power of his true form. Super hot flames constantly eject from gun ports all over his body, which is actually his surplus energy gushing forth, because it could not be converted into heat. His « Vanishing Field », which was his ace-in-the-hole while in his Sealed Form, is now constantly active, which should give you a clear idea of his true power. In addition, while it’s never allowed to be used in times of peace, he has a trump card: « Inferno Devastation », where he releases all the heat inside his body. Old generals from the Empire’s top brass objected until the end, arguing his existence is so horrible that almost none of the other « Seal Dragons » can match up to him, which is the reason after so many twists and turns, it took so long for his seal to be broken. The master of the Burning Hell is considered to be a walking natural disaster just by existing, that even the strongest generals in the Empire tremble in terror from just hearing his name. The uncontrollable cursed magic now burns down the heavens that have been invaded by darkness.

様々な理由から皇帝直々の命令で封印・幽閉されている竜達の総称。 封魔神竜とは封印の度合いや経緯が異なる。 地下深くに設けられた大監獄「マグナ・プリズン」に、他の重犯罪者より厳重な封印と監視の下、収監されている。 現在は“リンクジョーカー”の侵攻に対抗するべく、一部の戦士が一時的に出所しており、封印の段階を引き下げた上で戦闘を許可されている。 なお、封印の段階は対象により異なる。

Seal Dragons is…
The generic term for the dragons who have been sealed and imprisoned by the direct order of the Emperor for various reasons. The degree and means of sealing are different than that of Dungaree. They are housed and imprisoned in a vast prison deep underground called the « Magma Prison », under direct supervision, with twice as many locks and seals as normal criminals. However, in order to counter the invasion of « Link Joker », several warriors were discharged from the prison temporarily and allowed to fight, with some of their seals weakened. As well, the stage of the seal is different which each convict.


Seal Dragon, Blockade

封竜 ブロケード Seal Dragon, Blockade
Grade 3/Kagero – Flame Dragon/10000 Power/No Shield
[CONT](VC):During your turn, your opponent’s units cannot intercept.

I’ll warn you right now… … don’t get in a fight with Seal Dragons. »

強大な力を手に入れたが故に、その力を封印された“かげろう”の竜戦士。 力を封じる聖なる呪布で全身を縛られてなお、前戦で戦い続けられるだけの恐るべき力を誇る。 蓄積した魔力を解放する事で、一時的に封印を解除する「ヴァニッシング・フィールド」という妙技を習得している。 技の発動中は周囲一帯が嵐のような炎の渦流に飲み込まれる為、封印を解かれたその姿を見る事は適わないという。 抑えきれない膨大な力は、自らが忠誠を誓う帝国にまで害を為す。 力の封印という屈辱を甘んじて受け入れたのは、力を抑えきれない未熟な己に対する戒めなのである。

A dragon warrior of « Kagero » who obtained incredible power, but because of it, had that power sealed away. It should be noted that his entire body is wrapped up in sacred sealing clothes that block his power, but he remains proud of that power, continuing to fight on the battlefield to make sure he can use it. He has learned an incredible skill called « Vanishing Field », that temporarily breaks the seal put upon him by unleashing the magical power pooled up inside him. Since everything around him is consumed in a storm-like vortex of flames when he uses this ability, it’s said that those who catch sight of him breaking the seal don’t survive. Although he is absolutely, unconditionally loyal to the Empire and Emperor, he harms everything he cares for due to the incredible power he can’t hold back. He contently accepts the disgrace of his power being sealed, it is a punishment for himself, due to his inexperience of controlling his own power.


Seal Dragon, Chambray

封竜 シャンブレー Seal Dragon, Chambray
Grade 1/Kagero – Flame Dragon/4000 Power/5000 Shield
[AUTO](RC):[Soul Blast (1)] When this unit boosts a unit with « Blockade » in its card name, you may pay the cost. If you do, the boosted unit gets [Power]+6000 until end of that battle.

« If you seal my master, then do the same to me! »

侵略者への対抗手段を一つでも増やすべく、一時的に地上への帰還を許された「封竜」の一人。 御しきれない魔力を持つが故にその力を封印された「ブロケード」の従者。 力に恵まれず生まれた為、同郷の出であり一族最強の戦士と謳われた「ブロケード」に憧れ、孤独な彼の唯一人の従者となる。 主が魔力を抑えられるよう、あらゆる制御法や排気法を模索していたが、努力の甲斐なく「ブロケード」は危険生物として認定されてしまう。 結果、幽閉こそ免れたものの、力の大半を奪われる1級封印という楔を打ち込まれる事となり、現在に至る。 主の後を追い封竜となって、彼は封印という力の恐ろしさと有用性を理解し、研究を再開した。 彼は決して諦めない。 呪われし竜が封じられずとも、この世界に存在を認められるその時まで。

One of the Seal Dragons that was allowed to return to the surface temporarily, if meant that they could gain any advantage over the invaders. He had his power sealed not because of a power he couldn’t control, but because he is the servant of « Blockade ». Because he was born without being blessed with power, he admired « Blockade », who came from the same hometown as him, for being declared the strongest warrior of their clan, and became his lone servant. He researched every form of ventilation and control that existed, so his master could control his magical power, but in the end, « Blockade » was labelled a dangerous entity, despite all his hard work. As a result, he avoided being imprisoned, but from then, up to even now, he placed a first grade seal on his own body that stole most of his own power. Following his master and becoming a Seal Dragon, he has become very aware of the horror and usefulness of this power called « seals », and resumed his research. He will never give up. Not until the cursed dragon can exist in the world, accepted and unsealed.