Cards of the Day! 29/03/2013

29 mars 2013 a 13 h 20 min

Solidify Celestial, Zerachiel

団結の守護天使 [ソリディファイ・セレスティアル]ザラキエル Solidify Celestial, Zerachiel
Grade 3/Angel Feather – Angel/11000 Power/No Shield
[CONT] Limit Break 4 (This ability is active if you have four or more damage):During your turn, if you have face up card named « Solidify Celestial, Zerachiel » in your damage zone, all of your units with ‘Celestial’ in its card name get [Power]+3000.
[ACT](VC):[Counter Blast (2) – Cards with « Celestial » in its card name] This unit gets [Power]+5000 until end of turn.
[CONT](VC/RC):Lord (If you have a unit that does not belong to the same clan as this unit, this unit cannot attack)

« A caring heart is important. Do you understand? »

蒼き翼を持つ特殊医療部隊「瑠璃色の守護天使(ラピスラズリ・セレスティアル)」の現部隊長。 「患者を威圧してしまうから」という理由で、平時は6枚ある翼を隠している。 包容力のある温和な女性だが、警備隊時代に培った冷静な判断力と高い統率力も兼ね備えており、人柄・能力の双方において、隊員達から全幅の信頼を寄せられている。 何事も性急な解決を望む副隊長「レミエル」に怒鳴られている姿もよく見られるというが、隊員達曰く「あれは隊長を信頼しているからこその行動」なのだという。 蒼き翼の頂に立つ寛大なる守護天使。 その翼と同じ蒼い瞳には、唯深い「慈愛」のみが宿っている。

The commanding officer/captain of the Special Medical Team « Lapis Lazuli Celestial » whose members are marked by their blue wings. She hides her six wings in times of peace because they intimidate patients. A gentle, broad-minded woman, she possesses both high levels of leadership and calm judgment that she gained during her time in the garrison, and as a result, she is fully trusted by her team due to both her personality and abilities. She’s often seen yelling at her rash vice-captain « Ramiel » who is prone to leaping into things without looking, which her team cites « That behavior is exactly why I have confidence in our captain. ». She’s the fair-minded Celestial who stands at the top of the Lapis Lazuli Celestials. It’s said that only love and kindness exist in her deep blue eyes that are the same deep blue as her wings.

強い献身の志と、それを全うできるだけの能力を持つ者だけが所属を許される“エンジェルフェザー”の特殊医療部隊。 適性審査を通過し、且つ配属を希望する者は、天使長の洗礼を受けることで古き翼を捨て、新たなる翼「瑠璃の翼(ラピスラズリ・ウィング)」を賜る事になる。 その異常なまでの使命感に畏怖と敬意を込めて、「命を救う命知らず達(レックレス・セイバーズ)」と呼ばれる事もある。

The Lapis Lazuli Celestials are…
A Special Medical Team in « Angel Feather » whose members are deeply committed to their work and must have the skills to match that commitment. Those that pass the aptitude test and want to be assigned must discard their old wings during their baptism by the Archangels, gaining new « Lapis Lazuli Wings ». They are sometimes known as the « Reckless Saviors » due to their intense sense of duty that is both inspiring and terrifying.

Candle Celestial, Sariel

聖火の守護天使[キャンドル・セレスティアル] サリエル Candle Celestial, Sariel
Grade 2/Angel Feather – Angel/8000 Power/5000 Shield
[AUTO]:[Counter Blast (1)] When this unit is placed on (RC), if you have a «Angel Feather» vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, search your deck for up to one «Angel Feather», put it into your damage zone, shuffle your deck, and choose one face up card from your damage zone, and put it into your drop zone.

« No matter how dark things get, even a little light can save me. »

蒼き翼を持つ特殊医療部隊「瑠璃色の守護天使(ラピスラズリ・セレスティアル)」の一員。 見ているだけで人の心から不安や恐怖を除き、所持者の意志が働かない限り、燃え移る事も消える事も無いと言われる宝具「聖火(キャンドル)」の管理権限所持者。 オリジナルの「聖火」から炎を拝借した小さな燭台を常に持ち歩いており、各地に部隊が派遣される度、患者達にその炎を見せ、加護を分け与えている。 絶望を祓い去り、希望を運んでくるのは、何時の時代も小さな灯火。 その炎に惹かれた者達が集まり、呼応し、同じ道を歩む事で巨大な炎へと転じていく。 彼女がもたらす小さな希望も、何れ訪れる大いなる希望へ繋がる篝火となるのかもしれない。

A member of the Special Medical Team « Lapis Lazuli Celestial » whose members are marked by their blue wings. She possesses access to an Administrator only Magical Device, « The Candle » that is incapable of going out unless the controller wishes it to, which is capable removing fear and anxiety from anyone who sees it. She always carries a small candlestick with a bit of flame borrowed from the original « Candle », so that when the troops are dispatched to a location, she can show patients the flame, lending its divine protection to them. It’s a tiny light that no matter when, makes sure hope carries on and keeps despair at bay. Those drawn to the flame gather and respond by turning it into an enormous flame by walking the same path together. The little hope she brings to those she visits becomes a blazing bonfire that leads them to even greater hopes and dreams.