[Season 3] Episode Preview 1-3

26 décembre 2012 a 17 h 46 min

Ride 105: スタンドアップ ザ ハイスクール! Stand Up The Highschool

Unfamiliar with his new class, Aichi meets Naoki who doesn’t compete in the school life rat race. The two meet, by some freak coincidence, at Card Capital, and end up having a Card Fight… …

Ride 106: お前にブレイク Break it to you

Kourin has transfered to Aichi’s class, who are in an uproar from such a famous idol appearing. Aichi, who is acquainted with Kourin, suddenly becomes the focus of attention!

Ride 107: 狙われたアイドル The Targeted Idol

Aichi, Kourin and Naoki start a Card Fight Club. Although Aichi invites his friend Misaki, he doesn’t get a good answer. And in the shadows, there is someone watching them…