Tag Fight Rules (English Version)

11 novembre 2012 a 14 h 53 min

Version Française Ici !

Thanks to FreedomDuo for the original post.

1. Form a team of 2
2. Each player must have 1 deck
3. Players may decide if they want to discuss
or look at each other’s hand during the game
before the game starts.
Basic rules

Starting hand: 5
How to win: 
Team with a combination of  9 or more
damages lose the game
Team with the fighter that have 0 card
left in his/her deck lose the game
Tag fight rule

1. Each fighters have 1 field but the damage
zone will be shared by the team
e.g. Fighter on the right can use the damage
zone of the fighter on the left
e.g. In order for the heal trigger to activate 
total damages between the teams will be
used as comparison instead of individual
e.g. Limit break activates by the total amount
of damages of both players
2. Fighters can only attack the opposing fighter

3. When being attacked the team mate may call
a unit onto the guardian zone from hand to help
*Intercept is NOT allowed

4. Counterblast and Soulblast cost are shared
between the team members.
e.g. Soul saviour dragon needs to SoulBlast 5
to activate it’s skill, fighter may soulblast 3 from
his/her own soul and use soulblast 2 from his/her
team mate’s soul.

Starting the game

1. 4 players will play a game of scissors
paper stone to decide the first fighter
2. From a team like the one above Team A
(Misaki, Kamui) and Team B (Aichi, Kai) 
the sequence will be from Kamui > Kai >
Misaki > Aichi > Kamui…. in a figure 8.

3. The first 3 fighters can not attack, in the
scenario like above Aichi will be the first
fighter to attack in this fight.

How to read the card text

1. [Your] will means the fighter who’s using that
unit, player can not select your team mate as a
e.g. Isolde’s skill « [Auto]: {Discard a <>
unit from your hand} When this unit is called onto the
Guardian circle you may pay the cost, select  1 of
your <> that was attacked, the unit
selected will not be hit during this battle. » Player
can not use this skill and target an unit on your
team mate’s field.
e.g. Silent tom’s skill « [Continuous](V/R): During the
battle where this unit attacks and you have an
OracleThinkTank VG, your opponent can not normal
call a G0 into the Guardian zone » Your opponent’s
team mate CAN help to guard with G0a

2. [All players] will be targetting all 4 fighters
e.g. Dark cat’s skill  » [Auto] : When this unit gets ride
or called onto a VG or RG circle and you have an
OracleThinkTank VG, all players may draw 1 card »
All 4 players may draw 1.

Thanks to FreedomDuo Vanguard for the rules.